400 Posts

Or just over, as I notice I have 403 published posts, that crept up on me, as I still thought I was mid 350’s. I’ve started to look in my Draft posts, I have 30 of them. Some started with an idea that went no further, or started to use a program that I ended

400 Posts – (at 421)

I’ve just noticed that I’d gone through another milestone of 400 posts whilst sitting at 421 posts and 36 drafts. I think I had a mental image that I was being slower on writing posts as the 300 posts was a lot slower due to the other projects I was doing (Covid Blog & AutoHotKey

UTM tracking Google Analytics

The lighbulb lights. This is the missing link that I didn’t understand when I was looking at Google Analytics campaigns . I set one up once but I never understood what it was about. This does explain why I never could figure out how it worked. I wasn’t using the UTM tracking I may have

Licensed Software Giveaways

There is this site that has a list of giveaway licensed software, some seem old or redundant, one is malicious at the time I looked, but some have some odd tools. Odd or predictable software that you wouldn’t normally purchase A lot of the tools are for video converters, computer cleanups and password protection thingies