Creating eBook- part 1

Name of Book? Heading & sub-heading Cover I’ll need identifiable revit symbol and some gears, something showing automation, other IDEAS for front cover image? Book Description See what other ones have on Kindle and Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc Keywords/Categories Look at testing those, these need research to bring up list . . Publisher Rocket

Personal Electricity Prices- Page 1

I’ve been trying to keep the cost of electricity down by turning on/ff the hot water cylinder, which I see as something I have control of and does use quite a bit of electricity. Your morning coffee, evening lights and cooking are things you do as a matter of course, and I’m not going to

Electric foldable bicycle

I had my car nicked for the 3rd time, this time my electric scooter was in the back and the insurance company will be paying out part of the cost of it. So I can consider purchasing another scooter or an alternative. I was quite keen on the electric skateboards but they are quite expensive