Author: Max Drake

OpenMAINT and GIS on Localhost. Part 1

I decided to look at the GIS ( Geographic Information System) component of OpenMAINT. I decided to test this initially on my PC. To date, I have not been able to activate the GIS component. I am stuck with the following error: Call: services/json/schema/setup/saveconfiguration ————————————————— Error: org.cmdbuild.exception.ORMException: ORM_POSTGIS_NOT_FOUND         at org.cmdbuild.exception.ORMException But the steps below may

Free WP Real Estate plugins for Facility Management Site Part 1

The demonstration site, which uses examples of different free plugins to demonstrate different features, can be found at Looking at the WordPress themes (free ones of course) I saw there were quite a lot of real Estate Themes and Plugins and I wondered if you could adapt one of these to be a property

WordPress Free Panorama Plugin Testing

I see panoramic 360/180 pictures as an extremely useful tool for Facility Management. As an Architect who goes to site to capture information on existing buildings and sites, the frustration of having a photo cut off just where you wanted to see something just outside the normal picture frame, usually requiring a 2nd visit to

Forum for mutual help

Hi All, Forum tab next to Home on menu bar. Or HERE I have noted that there seems to be quite a bit of interest from you out there on my openMAINT setup and configuration blogs. Obviously you are interested in the product and interested in getting instances of your own up and running. I

OpenMAINT locating Assets in Building/Complex structure

After setting up the Complex, Building, Level, Unit, Room and the associated relations between them, the next part is to decide where to put elements associated with these items, such as: Doors, windows, wall substrates, wall finishes, floors types, floor finishes, ceiling substrates, ceiling finishes, external wall types external wall finishes, These need to hang