Author: Max Drake

Free Book for emails

Book sales are nonexistent so looking at marketing methods having an email list to send info to seems important. Book link : I saw this video about perma-Free book to gather emails from and thought I’d create a free book I’m writing stuff on AutoHotKey and thought doing a simple productivity script may be

AHK Workspaces by Maestrith

I was getting annoyed with using Obsidian. I would be in some other program and was finding it difficult to pop-up Obsidian so I could quickly write a note. In the taskbar you can assign a Hotkey to a program, but I don’t like doing that as I switch programs and find weird things happening

Web Animator Now Free License & animations

I saw this free license, from videos it doesn’t have templates and interface is a bit more simplistic than one shown in videos but still pretty good. The license key expires in a couple of days so I should load onto ‘puters today. I got the license from ” target=”blank” style=”glass” background=”#428bca” size=”4″]Video Playlist[/su_button] The

Creating eBook- part 1

Name of Book? Heading & sub-heading Cover I’ll need identifiable revit symbol and some gears, something showing automation, other IDEAS for front cover image? Book Description See what other ones have on Kindle and Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc Keywords/Categories Look at testing those, these need research to bring up list . . Publisher Rocket