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Its past 512 published articles but that’s how it goes. I don’t think the site is gaining in popularity but I’ve been adding more Python articles to the blog. Initially there was a lot of visits for OpenMaint but that has dropped off, and I’m getting more visits for AutoHotKey v1 to v2 in VS

Python Dynamic Power Price Information using Streamlit & Deployed to Windows Server

This video is a follow on from:Python Future prices, WITS API & My Electricity Bill-https://youtu.be/ZkVWFVpS9wEPython Remote Trigger from subdomain on Website -https://youtu.be/tJwL5M_wGvMPython Live Transit Data on Map on Web Subdomain -https://youtu.be/Lt4LdtpVTfg Objective of project I wanted to show dynamic chart of electricity prices on a webpage and be able to update the data as required.I