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We can take your panorama 360 images (or standard images) and link them to plans and/or google maps to allow for effective exploration of your information. The information can be viewed in a web browser.

Click on this link for a demonstration (Note that initial load is slow as panorama image is a 4.2Mb file size and needs to be uploaded to the browser across the web).

Sometimes uploading high resolution images can take quite a time to load on a browser, especially if they are on a remote server. There are two methods to manage this issue:

1/ Locate on your local intranet so that files upload quickly

2/ Create High Resolution and low resolution files. We can take your high resolution files and compress them to create low resolution files that will load rapidly over the internet. The low res files load quickly and when specific image reached for investigation, open the high res photo for analysis.

Setting up 360 Panoramas/Images linked to plan viewing on browser

We can help you create this set up.

  1. We would require you to upload the images to an on-line storage system like OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box etc from where we can download the images. Otherwise we can create a shared folder on our Google Drive and you can upload your files there.
  2. We would also need a site/building/floor plan which you would like to associate the images with, with some indication (if not self explanatory) where the images were taken with respect to the associated plan. You could also give a Google Maps location and we can use that as a plan for linking the images to (see 4th image below, and site plan in the above demonstration link).

Accessing Files:

To view a panorama click on any .HTML file in the directory.

  1. The top directory will have the property code which the panoramas and images relate to.
  2. The Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome BAT files are for starting up the specific browser you are using (Only NECESSARY with CHROME as normally CHROME will not view files on a local drive, so you have to add allow-file-access-from-files to the chrome.exe startup to allow this to happen. See this article)
  3. To VIEW the panoramas you have to view them in a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) so you need to click on one of the ??????.HTML files to open it in the browser.
  4. The Panorama .jpg files are stored in the 360H or 360L directories.
  5. Normal photo .jpg files (non panoramas) are in the Photos directory.

Viewing & navigating panorama tab

Viewing & navigating Plans tabs

I set up these panorama link files for a demonstration. On sharing the panoramas with the building owner I highlighted a couple of issues as shown below:

The first image shows efflorescence from water in the structure leaching out salts. An issue with either cracking or poor sealing prior to painting walls

The second item was poor paint adhesion through bad preparation. The building owner used these images to get repairs done by the contractor The building owner used these images to get repairs done by the contractor

The building owner used these images to get repairs done by the contractor as it was still within the buildings defects liability period. The owner was not aware of these issues prior to the photos being reviewed.


Here is a video that I made that talks about 360/Panorama images:

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