?️-Raster Scan to BIM

Do you wish you had a method of taking digitally scanned documents to CAD or BIM files? We can help you with that.

The video below shows how we would use a raster scanned image and use it as a base to draw over it to create a Revit Model from the image:

The process can be used to capture the information in CAD but you get so much more leverage from BIM and it is not much slower than tracing over in CAD. The extra value you get from BIM is that you get the 3rd dimension data, height and so have a lot more information in one place. This can also link to two other processes:

  1. 3D PDF’s that can be shared easily with anyone with an Adobe PDF reader to visualise the 3D geometry of the asset with tools for measuring and exporting data
  2. Populating the BIM with data and validating it. This keeps the information in one location. The information can be exported and mapped to your Asset Management Information System of choice (note a mapping process needs to be undertaken to make sure data maps to the correct place and with the correct descriptions)

After creating a Revit Model we can put in room information and create schedules of this information.

  • We can also create door/window/furniture schedules and other relevant information that you may want to be structured in a specific manner.
  • We can develop the model and drawings to your required level of detail
  • We can populate the model with your required shared parameters and extract this information in a required format (Excel, 3D PDF, DataBase, mapped to AMIS)

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