?️- Easily access & share your 3D building models with anyone

This is a powerful tool as it allows you to share Geometry as well as Data with anyone else who can view a PDF file. So you are not constrained by them having a specialist viewer on their computer to view the building model.

This gives you the power to send the information to builders and other service suppoert teams helping you manage your buildings so that they can quote on work without needing to come to site. Saving you time and money coordinating site meetings and access.

The 3D PDF export process from Revit creates a 3D PDF file that is viewable with Adobe PDF reader.

  • We setup preset views of 3D, floor plans, elevations, and sections.
  • We locate 3D Text in the Rooms showing Room Name, Room Number (and Department/other data if required) for easy navigation.
  • Within the 3D pdf, you can modify the views so that you create your own viewpoints
  • Any shared parameter data in the Revit model will be exported to the 3D PDF file.

We can also create specific views that can be combined with other views:

  • Displaced views that focus on specific elements or services, such as HVAC systems, lighting, electrical, fire, piped services etc
  • Filter by colour to allow for highlighting of specific elements/systems

The video below demonstrates some of the useful aspects of 3D PDF’s:

We can also set-up shared parameters and populate them inside the Revit model, prior to creating 3d PDF for things like:

  • Specific room parameters such as floor net wall area, condition, perimeter, wall/floor ceiling structures, wall/floor ceiling finishes. These are based by category.
  • With more sophisticated processes we can validate the data to ensure it harmonised with your Asset Management Information System.

Currently this is a Revit 2015 process but we can update to the latest version if there is enough demand.

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