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We can help you manage your 2D documentation by creating either drawing sets or Room Data Sheets.

Building Drawing Set

The drawing sets are a PDF set of drawings that are created from the Revit Sheet Sets. We then create two file structures.

The first is an image of each drawing in a list.

These can be quickly looked through to see which drawings you want. They are small image files so are quick to load in a browser. A bit like flicking through a drawing set quickly.

The second set is a PDF of each drawing in a list.

After quickly going through the images you have identified which actual drawings you need and can download those specific PDF’s. These are extremely clear and are legible at different zoom levels. These can then be passed on to a third party for particular work that may need to be done.

Follow this link to see an example of images/pdfs

Room Data Sheets

The Revit file sheet list is usually developed for a construction set of documentation. Starting from Site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections, and construction details and schedules. They are specifically designed to show how the building goes together.

An alternative method of displaying information is to develop a set of Room Data Sheets. This creates a sheet specific to a room displaying all relevant information about that room only. These can be more convenient to use for Facilities Management as you need only go to one sheet to find out about a specific room rather than go to the floor plan, floor reflected ceiling plan, door schedule, window schedule, furniture schedule etc.

we can create a set of Room Data sheets from your Revit model.

An example of these is shown at this link.

We then create two file structures as discussed above.

We can also combine the 2 sets of drawings so they are both accessible in the same place.

The Construction set can be shared with the contractors maintaining the facility.

The room data sheets can be shared with user groups who may need to plan spaces for specific events or for planning configurations with staff office layouts.

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