Put Your Home in Your Hand

Your home is your most expensive asset. Manage it from your hand via a free mobile app. A free (for up to 250 assets) mobile Asset Management App. Monitor scheduled maintenance, identify items that are broken or need repair and pass this information on to people who can fix them for you. Create automated reports that are sent regularly to your email. Take photos of all your assets, both fixed and movable and associate them with individual assets (useful for insurance claims and for trades to see item). This gives you peace of mind to know that you are on top of issues about your home.

Asset Tiger is a free (up to 250 Assets- see subscription plan), cloud based, browser & mobile app controlled ( free iPhone & Adroid apps available) Asset Management tool that is suitable for home and business use. See video links at the bottom of this article for more information.

Valid December 2019

Put Your Home information in Your Hand with the free mobile app. Access asset information, add, edit, review assets and and scan barcodes on items to get immediate data on the asset. You can also have others, such as builders have a filtered view of your assets to allow for timely response to issues

Share your Asset Schedule with builders, plumbers and electricians and other trades, so when things happen you can flag it to them so that they have the information required to respond quickly to your issue. Filter the inmformation that they see so that they only have access to part of your data that they need to respond to your issues.

Attach information

Create reports that can be automated to be eamailed to you or others on a regular basis, so you know outstanding items that need to be actioned.

How we can help you

Setting up and populating the Asset Database with all your items can be time consuming and a real hassle.

If you have a set of drawings of your house we can take these and populate your Assets.

An example of how many assets you would have on a stand alone 3 bed house would be around 100 assets which would include Floors, walls & ceilings of each room, each individual door and window and external elements such as roof, external walls, gutters and downpipes. This easily fits into the Asset Tiger Free tier, where you can manage all your items via your mobile app.

Our process for populating Asset Tiger

We take your plans and create a BIM (Building Information Model). Using this method we are able to create a quantities schedule of Floor, wall and ceiling areas & perimeters in each room as well as external wall and roof surface areas.

Quantities are useful to give to tradespeople so they have accurate information to quote on, so you can tell them external wall area for a painting contract, thats handy!

We then export this information from BIM and configure it for uploading into Asset Tiger for you. We get asset codes, descriptions, information about the asset and can start creating maintenance schedules for specified items that can recur at set intervals (daily, weekly, monthly at specific monthly intervals (eg every 3 months) or annually).

Once configured, you can go around the house, using the Asset Tiger App and photograph and upload photos relating to specific assets.


A quick way to find information on an Asset is by using the Mobile App barcode scanner, as soon as you scan the barcode the Asset information pops up in the app. How handy is that?

To make this work, you need to label your assets with Barcodes. The people who bring you Asset Tiger make quality Barcodes that you can purchase online, see below

For fridges, and other movable assets, you just put the barcode in a convenient place, not too obvious (so it becomes unsightly) but convenient enough to scan, such as indie the fridge door, or the back of a microwave etc. For items such as Walls , floors and ceilings, a handy place is the door head in the door frame of the room.

Buy Barcodes online from MyAssetTag , the company that brings you Asset Tiger. You can defray some of your Asset Tiger costs (if you have more than 250 assets in your register) by purchasing their asset Tags. See Asset Tiger pricing

Options for getting barcodes are:

  1. Buy Barcodes online from MyAssetTag , the company that brings you Asset Tiger. You can defray some of your Asset Tiger costs (if you have more than 250 assets in your register) by purchasing their asset Tags. See Asset Tiger pricing
  2. You can make your own labels with a labelmaker such as this one, as it allows you to do the labels on a PC and send them to label maker and you can make either barcodes or QR codes. This is a long process as an average 3 bed house will have over 100 assets
  3. We can make and supply as per item 2 above for your convenience.

Be aware, if you sell items, or replace other items (eg new Washing Machine) you have to create a NEW asset, delete the OLD asset, and give it a new Asset TAG Number. So when getting label supplies you have a new Barcode to put against that new asset (normally you have Asset codes on Auto-increment so that all code numbers are consecutive), thus you can purchase extra asset tags to allow for your asset expansion, or even just get 250 incremental asset tags so you can always have tags for any deleted/new items in your asset registry.

Other services- 3D PDFs, accessible geometry and data from BIM

Using this method we can also create a 3D PDF model that you can have and use to view your home. This we can model simply, just to get information into Asset Tiger or can create a more complex model with richer modelling of windows and doors and richer metadata.

Simple model for basic information to Asset Tiger
More complex model with bespoke windows and doors modelled and data information in 3D PDF

Other services- Plans/Elevations/Sections/Schedules Drawing set with Asset Codes

We can provide a set of plans created from the BIM with Asset codes and can either give you as a structured ZIP file or can host the set on our server (annual fee required). You can share these with contractors and other interested parties so they can access the information remotely and download PDF’s to assist their work. In addition we can compile/host extra documentation such as Product Owner Manuals for assets so that relevant information is all stored in the same location.

Note, you could upload a lot of this information to Asset Tiger as Documents that relate to certain assets (or create a custom URL field for a link to this data elsewhere).


I have created a test example here.

You cansign in with Email : [email protected]

Password: builderbob

This account login is not full administration but only has access to part of the Asset Tiger fields, but its sufficient for you to explore the versatility of the tool.

Yuo can download the AssetTiger mobile app either on Apples App Store for iPhone App or Google Play for Android App. Try exploring using the app and uploading a photo to an asset.

In the example there are about 100 Assets for a 3 bedroom house. I have not included furniture yet, or fixtures, but these can be added if you want.

The level of information should be practical. For example, a sink tap, this can be shown on a photo of the Sink asset, so you do not need a seperate asset line for it. Door or window hardware, the same, unless it is a special lock or door closer that needs special maintenance, in which case you could put it as a seperate asset, as a child of the door (so its associated with the door asset).

Keep it simple and its easier to manage, make it too complex and you find its not saving you time but draining your time managing the setup.


If you require any further information or a quote for this work please contact me by email: [email protected]

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