Activate Python Scripts from AutoHotKey V2 Hotkeys

I want to be able to activate some python scripts using keyboard hotkeys. That is, you type a hotkey , eg Alt + H and it runs the python script that you want.

You can do this with a Python script, running in the background and listening for the correct hotkey and then it will activate the specified python script.
I consider python a bigger program than AutoHotKey , about 4 times as large in Executable file size, so its using more PC resources to listen for the hotkeys.
In the past I’ve used AutoHotKeys to run scripts on my PC. AutoHotKeys is a windows based program, so not any good for Linux or iOS. But since I run on Windows only I’m more than happy to use AutoHotKeys to trigger programs and scripts.
AutoHotKey has now made V2 its current version, it is not backward compatible with V1, so I was interested in trying out using AHK v2 on a project.
It took a little bit of fiddling to get the v2 code to work, but I was pleased with the result.
On testing the resources from a python hotkey script and a AutoHotKey hotkey script the AutoHotKey script used about a quarter of memory resources to do the same sort of function.
You can download the files from this link:

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This took me a while to get my head around the differences between AutoHotKey version 1 and 2. After persevering I finally got something running.

The objective was to look at different ways to trigger python scripts, and this seemed like a logical method as I use AutoHotKey for most of my other hotkeys (as well as aText, which is especially useful for prototyping)

At the end I had the functionality but felt I hadn’t satisfied myself that this was the best way to trigger python scripts, using a different program. So I made another video for doing it totally in python. There is a further article on that.