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I was looking at a vid on 200 AI tools and they mentioned ANKI for flashcards so I went and looked up the tool. I was pretty impressed with it and decided I had a use case for it for learning AutoHotKey Hot Key shortcuts. So I had to build a deck with all of the items in it.

The video goes through the process

As I was thinking about learning as how I did it at Uni, reducing lecture notes down by rewriting and reducing content to key phrases, I realised that I did use flashcards when learning Spanish with Dualingo. The original app I used in Ireland was good but the new one has ads and pauses such that it disrupts your flow. I gave it up as irritating.

I realised that I could use ANKI instead as there were free Decks you could upload to use.

This is a handy thing as I wait for pup to catch up to car when we are coming home and I have a couple of minutes to review things of interest. So I decided that I would search a few Decks out that I could explore, so got Sign Language & Morse Code , Astronomy, Python Pandas and Spanish deck. So some others to play with.

For the Hotkeys I found after fiddling with them that I ended up remapping hotkeys to different ones so I need to rebuild keyboard flashcards to practice them. I’ve also chunked them into sub decks so easier to build.


After tinkering with the cards I realised that I needed some personal motivation to actually maintain the use of the flashcards, especially for topics such as Dante, a little thing of passing interest. Maybe I’ll tinker with it, and maybe not.

So I need to be focused by building pertinent cards that have real value to me so that I can use them to make me more effective on a topic.

Making relevant decks

I’m wondering for my Revit Keys whether to create an ANKI deck for learning. Might be a simple project using Excel/CSV file process

I do seem to have an issue about hotkeys as I find they speed me up so much more, the only problem being that I need to remember them so I can use them effectively at the appropriate time.

So start mapping all the keyboard shortcuts that I have to see which ones I need to strengthen learning on to use them more effectively. Also make CSV file to modify and upload.

Need a combined one for VS Code, PowerToys, My AutoHotKey ones and others such as browser shortcut keys and revit

get them to type in the shortcut key for Revit learning

Create decks in Google sheets or Excel and import into Anki

One way to keep templates is to create them outside of ANKI in spreadsheet then import them.

I’m not sure how you can do this for images , that may need some research.

End comment

I’m tinkering with the cards at the moment and trying to find ones that are useful for me .

I’m wondering whether I can use hotkeys in typing answer box or if I have to only use this method with shortcut keys only. Still, a handy thing to do. Also can you give further information to reinforce the learning, eg after typing it shows you a diagram or something?

I think ANKI can be a great productivity tool if setup correctly and if the person is adequately motivated.