Musings on chatGPT

I’ve been following the growth and interest in chatGPT and its use. I’ve used it successfully for some simple coding and its giving me mixed results, but usually helps me find a way forward to the solution I’m trying to achieve, even if the code is wrong by offering alternative ways of doing things (eg different loop methods or structuring code in a different way or steps that then allow me to explore a different avenue).

AutoHotKey V2 support with BING

A few things have come out, as it was “trained” on data up to 2021 (or 22?) so for AutoHotKey v2 there is little code, it shows only v1 coding solutions. Apparently in bing it will offer v2 solutions as that has more recent data in its model.

Prompt Engineering

Another interesting thing that came out was training the model when asking questions and there is a video series on prompt engineering chatGPT to be able to be more precise in the solution you are seeking.

Python API call

Another thing I did look into was using the chatGPT API. You get a free $18 equivalence for 3 months to try it out, then you are charged. As there was a charge attached I pulled back from that, even though for the older LLM’s (large Language Models) it was very cheap. I’ve been happy to just dabble with the free stuff.

Open Source Tool For Using ChatGPT Across The Desktop is an interesting article that uses a python script that allows you to trigger chatGPT when you need and it reacts to what is in your clipboard. The repo is HERE.

This is a bit like the add in for VS Code that allows you to use chatGPT within the program, but the Python one works across anything on your desktop, a great idea.

It may be worth exploring in the future but currently I don’t have a great demand for chatGPT and am only using it casually.

Ethics and AI

There are a few articles on using AI and the ethics surrounding its use, as well as it being used for malicious ends. This is a developing dialogue and I’ll be watching that space, but usually there are limiters and constraints put in place or else its blocked as a reaction to certain incidents that will arise.

This has had such an uptake as its such a useful tool to use, that developers and businesses are trying to jump on the bandwagon to get benefits from it, they don’t want to cock it up in its early stages.

There was an article about “end of Architects” and it is scaring the programmers as well, with the opening up of everything after the Covid restrictions and less reliance on on-line purchasing causing the layoffs of white collar workers rather than labourers, so its got a lot of the middle class worried.

End Comment

This is a space worth watching. This is something that is definitely going to grow a lot bigger in future. It will be interesting watching the ups and downs of its growth. Already there are quirky things in the news. One that I did find interesting was a Sci Fi editor is rejecting and banning certain people from submitting books as they have been generated with LLM processes. Previously the publication would get about 10 submissions a month and is now up to 50.

One thing I do note is that a lot of chatGPT answers are a bit cliché’d or predictable, and I suppose that is to be expected.

There are a couple of things I want to see if I can use it for:

  1. Articles for Facebook & LinkedIn for helping to sell courses & books
  2. Helping to write AutoHotKey v2 coding books. Some help with code and blurb for intro too.

I’m sure I’ll be writing more on the topic.