Clippings for Firefox & Thunderbird

Clippings is an add-on in Firefox and Thunderbird. It allows you to store clips for reuse. You can set hotkeys to access them, but you need to do another hotkey before you can access the hotkey you want , so a 2 step process. I suppose that could be good if you have massive repetitions In some ways it is similar to AutoHotKey or aText but its in a specific program, so may de-clutter what you have already as far as hotkeys go.

See about placeholders AE Creations » Clippings » help » placeholders

Synchronize clippings AE Creations » Clippings » sync clippings


Someone was using it for email subjects, using Gmail in browser (not something I would do) Using it for repetitive tasks in WordPress- I wonder if you can do the formatting like h3 headings? It could also have placeholders for titles too.

Test H3 Heading-

This is using Clippings in Firefox to add a H3 heading into a WordPress post directly with the code shown below

<!– wp:heading {“level”:3} –><h3 id=”” > </h3><!– /wp:heading –>


In Thunderbird you can use it for email signatures or boilerplate text

and you can use placeholders

Using placeholders in clippings

When you paste a clipping with placeholders, you will be prompted to fill in the value for each placeholder in the clipping. If you want the placeholders in the clipping pasted exactly as they are, with no prompting and substitution, the clipping name should be prefixed with [NOSUBST].

Default Values

You can optionally specify a default value for your placeholder. A placeholder can have a single or multiple default values.

  • Placeholder with a single default value. Example: $[placeholderName{defaultValue}]. When pasting a clipping with such a placeholder, the dialog prompt will supply a default value which you can accept or change.
  • Placeholder with multiple selectable values. Example: $[placeholderName{value1|value2|value3|...}]. When pasting a clipping with such a placeholder, the dialog prompt will display a drop-down menu where you can select from the available values.

Commonly-used special characters are allowed in default values of placeholders, such as the question mark, parentheses, quotation marks, asterisk, common currency symbols, etc. Note that the pipe symbol (|), curly braces ({}) and square brackets([]) cannot be used.