AHK QAP Fill Form Snippet

I’ve been reading the Joe Glines weekly friday newsletter and it had an item in it about using Quick Access Popup (QAP) for auto filling in forms.

I have setup a couple of Auto fill forms for some of my CPD requirements for registering and I’ve assigned them to hotkeys. Whilst this is great I have to go fossiking for them when I want to use them as I may only use them on a monthly basis so need to look through my script to find the hotkey for it.

In my AHK productivity books I also had a part that dealt with how to do auto-fill a web form and drilled into it a bit.

I love QAP as its such a great place to easily access information that you want, and you just need to set and forget. I hadn’t considered using it to store my auto fills & will move my information onto them now.

The article referred to in the video is HERE. There wasn’t a link in the video and I had to go fossiking for it.

Setting Up in QAP

I created a new sub-menu to keep the scripts in and I just cut/pasted from my AutoHotKey script that I have constantly running. It didn’t work as it’s a script with multiple lines of script.

The QAP method is a complete string of all joined together. I’ve done this in the past but it means that I will have to adjust it. Also there are 3 parts to my script as it waits for you to click into the initial cell, then it presses a button and you are taken to a different webpage, so I’ve a pause in my script (to next web page to open before continuing), I’m not sure that you can do it in the snippet as per QAP method.

Good to try and I see the logic of it so I’ll plan to use it in the future. At this time I’ve got my current setup that works and I’ll stick with Hotkey activation for the present. For other sites I may use this method instead.

End Comment

This is definitely a good use for the QAP snippet and I’ll be migrating a few of my snippets that I don’t use continuously from Hotkeys to QAP. I can make a Directory and keep them all together.

Thanks Joe for pointing that out, a really useful tool. Also thanks to Jean for QAP which is such a fantastic tool.