TWiki & FosWiki

Seem to be enterprise wikis TWiki and Foswiki where you can have internal pages built for information.

I suppose they are like Obsidian but for businesses. I did see a mention on one post about forms, which would be a useful thing for an internal business wiki (eg expenses, queries, etc).

They both seem to date about 2009-2010 ,looking on the TWiki it looks a bit dated as a front interface and on the Foswiki I see there is a 2022 release so seems to be currently running and being updated.

Foswiki has more momentum.

The idea as a collaboration tool for training and company memory for resources to check up on and use when developing further ideas. You have a reference point of information where you can access other information that others have contributed to.

I was using FreeMind and you could export to TWiki and the data structure isclean enough to be read by a text editor, so handy to get data out of FreeMind and with minimal cleaning use in other documents.

For Foswiki it says it can do the following:

  • Users can create applications using Excel-like macros – built-in or from numerous extensions
  • Extract and display data in different formats: tabular, graphical, XML
  • Combine with Web APIs like Google Maps to create mashups

You can sort of do that on web pages too. Maybe its for non web people doing some simple stuff. But you can collaborate on web pages as well.

End Comment

A good idea but not relevant to me as Obsidian is enough for a one person development platform.

I’m wondering what this would have over a normal website with pages. It must have some relevance but with the first overview of it I cannot see any personal use cases for it.

Interesting, glad I had a quick look at it, but on the back burner for the present.