I saw this in Upfront.eZine RSS feed. WikiIFC. This looks interesting.

Idea model built elsewhere but then brought across for rest of life here. A great concept.

Looking at how to use in the future- In stealth mode at moment as they are developing it still.

Test 1

I used the sample simple model and exported to Design Transfer View IFC4 first time

And WikiIFC model is as shown below. You can add sections & save them & add Notes

First comments:

  • model Dark
  • Info on left but couldn’t see way to export data
  • No rooms data – Maybe this is the IFC export choice, I’ll try another
  • Cant seem to edit data either

Test 2 & 3

With IFC4 Ach view & IFC2-3 Cobie data :

The cobie one was just boxy, still no rooms.

If you hold both mouse buttons down you get context menu to isolate/hide elements.

End Comment

At present interesting and a fun explore.

No room data a bit of a nuisance. Could remap room data onto a different item like Nurse Call to get all the info into the model.

This suggests different path to get data out, so not one point of truth.

I’ll check up on this as it goes. It looks as if it could be a good tool.

Quite fast and smooth.

No Help files on what type of IFC should be uploaded or what controls there are.

I did find, by accident one context menu.