AHK Workspaces by Maestrith

I was getting annoyed with using Obsidian. I would be in some other program and was finding it difficult to pop-up Obsidian so I could quickly write a note.

In the taskbar you can assign a Hotkey to a program, but I don’t like doing that as I switch programs and find weird things happening with hotkeys.

Then I saw this video on Workspaces. So I started to play with it.

It meets my needs for setting up Hotkeys to set Workspaces so I can quickly fire up Obsidian with a hotkey.

This is a maestrith script and he has an updated version on Github

Before I was trying to move programs to specific positions on the taskbar so I could use Stream Deck to trigger the program. But then I move programs around on the taskbar so that didn’t work.

This is a nice solution and I like the interface now I’ve figured out how it works. You do need to make sure you are not just testing in VS code otherwise it doesn’t remember the previous settings.

I’m still getting the feel for the program , but I like the logic of the hotkeys and also the ability to open multiple items in the same workspace. The video is from 2016 but it solves a current issue that I have with Obsidian.

I also learned you can open obsidian with Browser, using obsidian://open in the address bar, so I have a Firefox Keyboard Shortcut for that now of “oo”

I had trouble setting this up initially and once I got it going I thought it was a great script, I could use it to trigger a lot of programs that I had on the taskbar like FF and Thunderbird

The other nice thing is , if you use it a bit, you could bundle your workspace together so that when you close down you can reopen with a specific setup , eg Tax for accounts , modelling setup and other workspaces. I need to start exploring it a bit more. I cannot sync this between the 2 computers as it has different paths to files and user name different too.

I thought I could incorporate this in chapter in AHK2 and I have done video on it. Needs revising and shortening.

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This is a program that can be very useful. I have got Winkey+Alt as the trigger and that doesn’t work well for hand stretch so will need to revise that to something else. Something comfortable and an easy hand stretch. Most of those have been mapped with other programs.