Attempt to publish paper Book to D2D, Duh!!!

My Camino Journal was recently approved in Kindle Books so I decided to see if I could put it in kindle Select (3 months only with Kindle) but I think that only applies to eBooks.

Stupid Me- Wrong platform for publishing

I’d recently come across Draft2Digital and thought I’d use that as the medium to publish it elsewhere. DUH!!!!!I’ve just realised that is for eBooks , not Paperbacks and Hardbacks. I’ve just spent a few hours trying to do a book conversion from PDF to ePub but the formatting goes crazy, so that is not the solution I was looking for. Wrong content on wrong platform.

Lulu is alternative for paperback

I haven’t explored that avenue yet. For the moment I wont.

Converting from PDF

Trying to convert from PDF online to ePUB was a bit of a bugger, some of the images went nuts.

I tried PDF to Word and ended up with a 7mb file and it takes ages for Word to load, but my brief look at the result (there was then a lightning storm and screen started to go funny so I shut down computer) it looked ok on the first couple of pages. I’m trying to reopen it now to see if it will work.

I then used Kindle Create (or Preview) and it took the .PDF and converted it into a KPF file which is a Kindle format, but not the eReader format which is .KFX (none of these formats are easy to remember).

I then tried a few options online and a Download a special program that just did Kindle to ePub (that was just telling me to buy all the time so never got it to work and uninstalled it) .

I then thought about Calibre and I’d used it a lot in the past, so decided to download that as I thought that I’d most probably be doing things with file conversion in the future.

My first install of Calibre was not with admin rights and it wouldn’t convert anything, and looking at the end there were no permissions for using some folders. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and then it started to convert (at least it did not just jump up with error straight away).

Also I needed some KFX input and output plugins and after I’d installed those the install process went and created something. It still looked rubbish in ePub but at least there was a conversion.

So as there was minimal text and it was mainly graphics, this is not the type of book that is easily converted.

D2D uploaded

After stuffing things up I loaded Revit 2 onto Draft2Digital. It was a reasonably straightforward process.

I’d started to load the AHK1 book but I think I’ll put that on Kindle select firs and see how it does there. can always add it to D2D later.

End Comment

See below, I wasn’t able to upload it due to pages wrong size so I didn’t bother in the end as too much effort and platform not very effective to date ( 1Tuesday 19 July 2022).

A bit of a disaster of a day, didn’t do much really. Although, after trying to get Journal onto D2D I see that they are moving into paperbacks so signed up for that. Hopefully I can get on that and have a 2nd try at it.

I did but it said formatting wrong, so I printed PDF to another Adobe file and made sure page setup was in one format. Still said different pages format so I didn’t take it further. Sales on D2D is zero still so although spread over other publishers no one finding the books there and no one following links I’ve added.

I then tried uploading wrong book, AHK 1 that I’d decided I’d put on Kindle Select for exposure so in the end used Revit 2 and that loaded fine. The front is a little messy but OK. Frankly I didn’t pay too much attention I was a bit frustrated with the day.

Some learning about book formats and issues surrounding them. Setting up Calibre is worth doing for the future.