Draft2Digital for book distribution

I was watching Sean Dollwet’s information on publishing and he mentioned draft2Digital. So I thought I’d investigate.

A pearrticular vid of his that I’m thinking about is about freebook for gathering emails.


What does it cost to use Draft2Digital?

Draft2Digital has no up-front charges for any of our services (formatting, conversion, distribution, and sales tracking). We make a percentage of each of your books sales, so we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

The short answer is that our fee is approximately 10% of the price you set for your book (list price). That means most of our stores take about 30%, Draft2Digital takes about 10%, and you keep about 60% of the list price of your ebook.

For print books, you will make about 45% of the list price of your print book, minus the base printing cost.

From their websiteb (https://draft2digital.com/faq/)

I like that they are upfront about their costs and how it works, far better than the Spark one, which I thought was quite obscure and confusing.

This may be a good way to look at other than Amazon for distributing books as this will go to Nook & Kobo, as well as a couple of others. So as long as they are not KDP select books they can be distributed to the others, and I think, as I’ve set my book on Amazon I have to keep the same rrice on the other stores too.

I’m tossing up whether to put Revit 2 on there first or AHK1 book. I think maybe AHK1, as I want to do free book to get emails in the series later.

Published to D2D on 09-06-2022

A poor day, getting it all wrong, first tried to publish paperback here, then tried to publish AHK1 which I want to put on Select and finally published Revit 2 book.

The process was pretty smooth although I didn’t check the results too thoroughly as the day has been a bit frustrating.

The Royalties are not as much but at least its distributed over a number of different platforms , projected royalties $5.94 which I think may be less than on KDP, but we’ll see if someone buys the book first.

I did like the idea of an Audio book but this is not the type of book for that. I would like to write something that would allow for an audiobook to be created from it.

I’m glad Ive got a book on another platform, and its on nook & Kobo. Hopefully it will get a bigger audience.

I did not put it onto amazon, as its already there , and I didn’t put it on the libraries, but maybe I should revisit that as you do get a commission, and its an OK way for people to read books.

I’ll have to see if its easy to change. Actually it is and I’ve decided to add the libraries to it. See how it does on that platform. I get a lot of books and Audiobooks from the library so good to contribute if libraries want to include it.

D2D Universal Book Link

This is interesting link: https://books2read.com/u/3G57Qa

Its found the Amazon one but is still loading on other platforms. I’ll check later. I like the ease of it.

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I’m pleased I’ve finally got a book on a different distribution. It will be interesting to see if there is any reaction to it here.

I’m tossing up whether to put AHK bk 1 on Select, that will tie it up for 3 months, or whether to spread it over other distributors.

Have put AHK 1 onto KDP select today as well as Arabic version and one other, I’d already put the rest of Revit 1 on select before. Since same book, just translated, seems logical.

The Reports panel on D2D looks simple and clear. Will look forward to seeing massive book sales. Yeah right