This seems to have taken a long time to write and load for publishing. A lot of going backwards before going forwards. 2022-05-26 7:26 pm is when it was submitted for publishing.

I started to make a prequal for Deploying scripts for Revit, but making it more general than for Revit alone, then realised there was so much to cover that I had to split it even further.

It took me a long while, just writing, to figure out I had to get the scope right, and split it into 3 books.

  • The first, a personal productivity script,
  • the 2nd a more general one that you could then allow users to adapt to their personal needs
  • The 3rd to protect, license and deploy the program.

Then I wanted the first book to expose the reader to a lot of ideas that I could then build on in book 2 to make a generalized script. This would build on what I did in revit script. At the end of that I want to be able to have a quite robust script to share.

This meant that I had to write and test scripts for examples in Book 1, and I’m going to have to do that for book 2 as well, just so I can finally write book 3.

At this point I’m more focused on getting content and writing the books rather than looking to publish on other sites.

I think my momentum flagged a bit on it and the scripting needed debugging, and rethinking.

Book 2 will be a bit of a challenge too, but at least I’ve a few chapter headings to get me started, if there isn’t a mass of content I can always price it lower.


I was watching a video on Low Content books ( and it skipped onto the next video that showed marketing and when I typed in AutoHotKey there were minimal results so I’ve re titled the book and changed the cover to match the update. So re-submitted with new Title , now have to wait for it to be approved and published. I also added stuff to intro/description, hopefully that will help too.

End Comment

I ended up with a lot more chapters than I thought I’d have, I intended them all to be short and pithy, but some were a lot longer because of all of the content I had to cover. A reasonably rounded book. A couple of things missing that I may have to highlight in book 2 , or maybe not, the mouse location and selection.

Now I have to wait until its published. That will be exciting. I may need to change categories and descriptors for the book, they weren’t that well planned, doing in the evening when tired. But it’s a start.

I’ve just looked on LinkedIn for AutoHotKey groups. Not many of them, only 2.

Book released and published at 9.28 ish (when I checked email) so 1st book now for sale.

It doesn’t have a squeeze page, so may have to add that.