Send Encrypted files

I wanted to send some sensitive information to someone else, and wanted to protect the file. It was mainly text.

Natively in Windows for Zip but NOT home edition

I hadn’t really done this before so I looked into doing a password protect on a zip file in windows 10, but you can’t with the home edition, apparently you can with other editions

So alternative is to use 3rd party tools. WinRar & 7Zip, and apparently, in 7Zip you need to save as .zip type not .7zip to allow others to easily unzip with password. I was impressed with the &zip functionality in the video below:

I then wondered about the Free installer/uninstaller program HIM NIS Edit, but that does not have the option to password protect the installer file (I suppose that makes sense, after all, itโ€™s the intention to actually install files , so stopping the program from doing so doesn’t really make sense).

Word & other office Docs encryption

I was actually working in a Word Document and it has its own encryption, I tried encrypting it with a password and then reading it with a text editor file. I couldn’t and it showed the type of encryption it was using. I was quite impressed.

This is from version 2016 onwards apparently. I do recall cracking Excel password locked files in the past. I’m not sure you can do that nowerdays.

End Comment

I found the whole idea of password protected files interesting, I hadn’t thought about them before. The zip files were particularly interesting, I may have to play around with that in the future.