AHK eBook on Creating a shareable productivity script

Whilst writing about eBook 3 deploying script I looked on Amazon.com and there were only about 9 books on AutoHotKey. I was looking to see if there would be a general market on Deploying Scripts and thought this would need a preliminary book on AutoHotKey that I could write about building and compiling script to share with others, if they got it working with their tweaks then they could put it up for sale themselves and segeway into eBook 2 on Deploying said compiled script.

So that is another project I can think about doing, I can look at my eMail script and hotkeys and pull those items out and make them into a standalone script that others can adapt to their own needs.

Items to use:

  • Double Tap email signatures?
  • Double tap date format
  • Cycle through Explorer apps
  • Master Mute & Music vol/etc
  • emoji email RightAlt+3
  • Highlighter on cursor
  •   `::Enter ;remap Tilda key to Enter   
  • Run programs ? Which ones
  • Hide personal info in hotkeys so that others don’t know what they are.
  • Also add GUI so that USERS can add their own stuff
  • Ini file in weird place
  • & installer/uninstaller file to deploy.

Story so far

As I’m writing this book I see its bit advanced, maybe a baby step book first, then 2nd book , then Deploy?

I’m sort of displaying more complex stuff without covering the fundamentals. I need to do a thorough grounding on Hotkeys /HotStrings and the basic stuff like dates and run programs and open multiple websites. (could do that with a loop from file), so users just put the websites they want into a text file and then you loop through them.

Reviewing structure and adding another book in series

A better structure might be as below:

  • Book 1 to show concepts and versatility,
  • book 2 more advanced,
  • book 3 deploy.

Although I’m a way into book1& 2 together at the moment I think its worth going back to book 1 first, rather than doing book 2 and then book 1 later. The reason being that the book 1 stuff may have been covered in book 2. So making book 1 first, you can cover gaps that book 1 has with book 2.

Book 1. Practical stuff, but individual

  1. Hotkeys/hotstrings
  2. simple input and concept of GUI
  3. Dates/time formats
  4. Run a program
  5. open multiple websites
  6. X marks the spot & Asterisk
  7. Cycle through explorer
  8. Master Mute & Music vol/etc
  9. email signature
  10. Intro to INI- email ini file & data
  11. emoji email RightAlt+3
  12. Function – count function to ini

Book 2. Generalise & script to deploy

  • Loop through websites from text file
  • TrayMenu
  • Help file- in program
  •   `::Enter ;remap Tilda key to Enter   
  • Highlighter on cursor
  • Hide personal info in hotkeys so that others don’t know what they are.
  • Also add GUI so that USERS can add their own stuff
  • Ini file in weird place- Relocate in hidden place
  • Encryption- 1st look at – simple R12
  • Advanced text / notes
  • Function – Toast – Comment on action

End Comment

I think the shape of the book with 3 steps is better, it means that the user will understand your methodology better than if you just jumped into book 1 & 2 combined. Too much to absorb. Think about translating too.

Book 3 , which I want to write seems to be getting further and further away. Hopefully my writing skills will have improved by then.