Udemy Course Performance, 5 months on

Still ZERO enrollment.


Initially priced at $200, I dropped the price in April, on the 22nd to $150 as I published my eBook and I’ve since dropped it again today, 13th May to $75. Currently at $49.99 and 2 people enrolled. One gave me a 5 star rating, that was nice.

Engagement so far

Other pricing

I looked on Joe Glines site as his email gives a list of people who have purchased his courses and I wandered what his pricing structure is, its low $12.99 from $40 , but at least people are purchasing the courses.

I don’t want to go down too low as I may not be able to move it up later. So 3 weeks at $150 no takers. Drop to $75 and see if any takers, if not leave a while and then consider another price adjustment.

Apparently one marketing strategy is to drop price to get interest (and hopefully ratings) then raise the price again. I may need to consider doing this in the future.

Other courses AutoHotKey Books.

I think I have enough other material to make a 2nd course and even a 3rd Course, similar to book structures.

There is no point until you find the right price point and the first course starts to sell.

End Comment

I have created 2 more courses, in AutoHotKey, one was supposed to be free and another I’ve set at $29.99 but the first course is too long for free tier (less than 2 hours and it is 4 hrs 20 min) so its set at $19.99, the lowest price tier for the moment.

Maybe I should experiment with dropping course prices to get some early students? I think I need awareness first and an email list so that I can market to someone.