eBook Translation- German

I have had few sales for the English version on Amazon, and thought about translation into another language. My first attempt was Chinese but couldn’t figure how to do that so am opting to try a few European languages, German, French, Italian as I’ve the already subtitled the videos in those languages.

Then Arabic next think.

I want to go on an do Khmer & Swahili and maybe some more obscure languages.

Start on something simple and then let it get more complex.

Kindles Supported Languages have some variances

Manuscript Translate

I added a comment in the introduction about the translation process so that readers would know it was an automated process. Later, on reading KDP guidelines thought it might be rejected when submitted, it wasn’t.

Front Cover translate

This didn’t take too long but I moved a couple of layers about and had to reload it at the last moment.

Script Comments Translate

This took a day to do as I had to have the English & German manuscripts side by side and copy/paste changes. Some of the commands were translated into German so I had to paste in the English script for this while trying to keep the comment translation.

I did find the find/replace was good in the manuscript for Return, Send , Left ArrowUp etc, as those were simple words that were translated in the script, and find/replace changed about 30 odd at a time which was handy.

Publishing to Amazon.de

I tried uploading my book to Amazon.com but after changing the language and trying to save it bounced me out of and wouldn’t save, so I went to Amazon.de and did the create there and it worked fine, I had to watch the English YouTube video to see what the buttons were and also getting the classifications in German was a bit fiddly.


What language to publish next?

I’m not sure of the sales for the book but it was worth doing to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

I’m wondering what to publish next, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian? I had a look at Arabic and there is a Saudi site but hard to read. I think I need to be familiar with the languages and Process before I tackle the more complex ones.

From Wikipedia German wasn’t the ideal best 2nd language for reach, and European languages of Spanish & French & Portuguese. Italian is down the list a bit. I think the Spanish market would be good, but a crack at French & Portuguese for the process

End Comment

Overall the process went as planned, need to check my keywords in the original install and repeat them in the upload of the book in different languages.

I submitted book Sunday morning and it was approved just after lunch, so that was quick.

I also submitted a post on LinkedIn for the German Publication to the Revit groups, we’ll see if that helps with the views on the website or book.