Web Animator Now Free License & animations

I saw this free license, from videos it doesn’t have templates and interface is a bit more simplistic than one shown in videos but still pretty good. The license key expires in a couple of days so I should load onto ‘puters today. I got the license from this site

Video Playlist” target=”blank” style=”glass” background=”#428bca” size=”4″]Video Playlist[/su_button]

The video tutorial I started on:

Article on Adding Html5 animation to WordPress- iFrame

First play was fine, followed vid and then saved to html5 and it created and ran them ok, also gif but I find those annoying, but it did it. So all well and good.

I see on the right of the image above that there are different templates for animations like bounce etc. Interesting to play with later.

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It did what it said on the box. First time forgot to press record, 2nd time all went well and it saved the files easily and they worked. About $100NZ so worth playing with. I’ll have to think of use case for it