Other publishers instead of Amazon? IngramSpark?

I was reviewing the publishing of the book in Chinese and looking on Amazon China its not clear (with Google Translating page) but I found an article on what languages you can publish on Amazon, Swahili does not seem to be one of them.

IngramSpark, what are Royalties?

So I started looking at publishing in China and there was an article about the difficulty one person had. In the article it mentioned IngramSpark

as a Self-publishing book company and on reviewing their web page you pay to get your books published. $49 for book plus other stuff or $25 for eBook. They have global distribution and I thought it might be another avenue to explore. It also does Kobo & Barnes & Noble, so that appeals to me.

I found looking on their website and using the search they were not that forthcomnig for eBooks and found this article eBook Distribution for Indie-Publishers Using IngramSpark: A Case Study and Lessons Learned that said Royalties of 40% (not sure if eBook) But won’t post to Amazon if you have put one up on Amazon in the last 12 months, so that excludes me.

I started to feel uncomfortable with the site when it was not giving me fundamental information at the start. May be worth doing something for a translation of a book. I’ll think about that.

The first eBook is solely with Kindle, the 2nd I want to be a bit more open and explore alternative distributors. I wanted Barnes & Noble and Kobo so I might do them myself instead.

IngramSpark wouldn’t let me delete account but got them to stop sending me emails. Definitely ano-no.

End Comment

I finished book 2 and loaded it up onto Kindle. I didn’t use the direct thingy so can publish on other sites too. I haven’t found the motivation for doing that at the moment, although will as I’m interested in publishing on other platforms.

My current focus (20220522) is on writing the AHK books so I can get the deploy one out for AHK and Revit. Once I’ve started to shape that up I’ll look at other publishers.