Creating eBook- part 4- published, how many copies sold?

The previous post saw me publishing the book. That was a satisfying achievement. I wondered if you could see how many purchases of the book had been made.

As part of eBook I had downloads for code and people could watch videos. The download plugin is on my Revit Shortcuts site and the video views can be seen from a Google Sheet script GAS that I run for my YouTube videos.

I noticed that the Dashboard count on the downloads had gone up from a couple of days ago.

I wasn’t really monitoring them, I just noticed on the Dashboard of Revit Shortcuts website that the number of downloads had changed. The links for the download are in the book, so that is the only way external people can access them (unless they share the links).

All of the downloads have gone up by 2. So it seems someone has purchased the book. I think you can return the book in 7-14 days so the smart thing to do would be to purchase the book, download all the stuff then ask for money back. I’m feeling a bit cynical at the moment.

Making sure they purchase the book

On this , I wonder if you could have a link with an email address, so they click on it for download information. It asks for email address and sets a timer for say 35 days. After 35 days they have to go back to book and click on another link and then it will download bonus material.

They could just take the link and copy it for later and then send it 35 days later. Need to generate some sort of random number that can also be sent, or is there a proof of purchase? Can they identify receipt?

Or code on a certain page (in the middle where they can’t look it up , or from 2 places in the book)

A few facts about the eBook on Amazon

I wondered how you would know how many books had been bought. I looked at a couple of articles and it does not seem that straightforward. They pointed to a methods using a Book Sale Calculator .

The information, on your book page is to look at Product details:

So my world famous in Hataitai book currently ranks 702,338, so I’d say not particularly high in the rankings.

When you plug this into the calculator, no comma’s.

By this calculator 4 books have been sold. Although if they return them in the month then maybe not so many.

A better start than the video course, no sales to date, and I just dropped price by $50 to $150. I’ll let it sit there and drop it incrementally to see at what level it will be purchased at.
Amazon Sales Ranking calculator article, this puts it in perspective and shows you how the algorithm works.

Another article I thought was interesting if it flattens 5 Simple Actions You Can Take If Your Book Is Not Selling. A sensible approach to the process, and logical too. Maybe worth getting a spreadsheet and trying to do some modelling.

From morning to evening I’ve dropped from 702338 to 752531 so 50,000 places lower. Not looking good. Using the calculator it infers there are only 3 books bought now. On 959,447 it calculates 2 books, so plummeting fast.

I plummeted down to 3m which I saw this morning (Sunday 1 May 2022 ) and then this evening after putting a few posts up on LinkedIn it jumped back up to 350k. So a real change in direction. I then came across this article ranking on Amazon for book sales so it doesn’t seem too dramatic, only another one sold, so it looks like 2 book sales to date. Definitely a stark contrast in ranking numbers for such a trivial thing. Another article on ranking Taming Book Ranking

Book categories

It might be worth doing a bit of research on book categories, and changing it around a bit. If you create an Authors page then you can apparently add more categories. So I created an Authors page and then looked through all the categories other books of a similar ilk had. I then made a list and created an Excel File to concatenate the listings as required by Author Central request , as I was putting it on .com. uk, and all the other ones on offer I had to repeat the categories.

I created a text file and uploaded that and it is now being processed. Hopefully I will rise a bit from the 855,000th place I’m now hovering.

I also altered the original categories in the book listing. Maybe a bit hasty but I was trying to figure them out.

Book categories- part 2. Kindle Shop>Kindle eBooks>

After creating the list for books and sending it in I got an email back saying that kindle ebooks categories were different to Book categories. I would need to go to each site and select the categories after going into Kindle Shop>Kindle eBooks>. The categories were different from the Books categories, also they were different in different countries, so .com, .co.Uk , .in , all were structured differently and aprt from the .com the category trees were far shorter.

So I made another list and I’ve submitted that, hopefully it will become more visible.

I did note that the Thraxas don’t have an authors page or anything too advanced on his site but other authors have put a lot of effort into theirs. We’ll see how that does.

Amazon Authors central

With Authors central, a bit of info about you as author you can email amazon and get your books to be put in more than 2 categories. So I made an Authors page and filled in some details and created a URL to the Author page for inside amazon (doesn’t seem to work outside in FF.

On the authors page there is the opportunity to add an RSS feed to it, and I thought about the Feedburner account I have for vast (3 subscribers).

I thought this could have some articles about my book publishing and also on upcoming projects. I tried setting up the Blog (Article) Page on RevitShortcuts but it just shows the whole content, I could put an excerpt in but thats adding some text to a different location, plus there is no link. i may have to spend time later setting that up. At present I have something started but its not quite working.



I think they hold for a month before they pay you, so you don’t see anything for a couple of months. Another wait and see, although I did see an item on the authors page, Reports & Marketing , where you can review down to weekly sales for granularity. As book has not been up a week there is no data yet (only Wednesday and I posted Friday last week).

I’m looking forward to Friday avo (or Saturday) to get first report on sales.

So sales are updated at Friday 12am Pacific time which is 7pm NZ time. Nothing showing there at all, but bookscan is generalised, so maybe mine won’t show up. It may take a few weeks to even register.

On an up-note someone has started to look at the YouTube shorts, 10 views, up from 5. No more download of code though, so I suppose they just grabbed the code to begin with, now they are trying to figure how to use it. My feeling is there has only been the sale of one book so far. Still, that is doing better than the Udemy course.

04-05-2022- had another look at the Bookscan sales and it doesn’t do eBooks so I have no idea how many books have been purchased, so this is a bit of a black hole, all you can do is see where you are on the book ranking, and mine is drifting down again after posting on a few groups in LinkedIn.

I’m not sure how I feel about the social media stuff, do I want to star engaging there or just leave it?


Only just found this video :

So go into KDP and go to Reports, its all there. It seems people are going in and downloading the code from doing a quick read on KDP direct. All part of the learning. I think I’ve earned about $15NZ in royalties.

I need to upload all the editions again and remove the bonus download code. Am happy to share other bits but want them to pay for book to get the code, so no KDP share thingy.

I’m glad I’ve found this, it will let me strategise better for the next book.


This could be handy on LinkedIn blogs

Promoting book on all amazon platforms. Use Link to Book

The link works but is a bit touchy, works on its own but not in HTML block or text file. So use with caution & check to see link works. It routes me to

Results after a day (this is evening result on Sunday1 May 2022 ) after LinkedIn & review of Link

LinkedIn Sunday 1st May 2022

I posted on 3 Revit groups for book, course and trial app. We’ll see if that has any effect. Revit Users, Revit Architecture Users, RUIG.

Embed Link

I saw this when exploring book page:

Link Book link from Amazon

And there is something about Amazon Associates that may need some research.

Book Translations?

I could get properly translated books or I could have a crack at it myself with some translation program. An exercise. The YouTube shorts have a compiled English subtitle so you could translate those too. Spanish? Chinese? French?

Maybe Chinese , using Google Translate – an interesting exercise. I’ve sort of gone along with this and am getting subtitles on all the videos, so maybe I’ll publish it in a few languages and see how that works out.

End Comment

At this time I can see at least one person has downloaded the book. That is a positive for getting stuff out there. There is a bit more work to do on learning about publishing and eBooks.

The objective, at the end of the day is an income stream from passive income. Create & put stuff out there and see if people will purchase it.

Learnings so far? people are cautious and will spend small sums of money, maybe. That’s from Glide experience only so far.