Creating eBook- part 3

I’ve been working through the content for the eBook in Word, using Text Boxes to hold the scripts , then I read an article suggesting that Text Boxes were a no-no , so I saved the contents and made a copy and used a different style “Intense Quote” to have the script a different colour and indented differently. I can’t, at this point, seem to modify it too much, especially the linetypes at top and bottom of code.

I’ve installed the download Monitor plugin for the PowerKey4Revit site so I can have all my downloads from there and have uploaded all my YouTube Shorts and put those links in the text too.

So, the main contents part has been done in Word, although I am having some issues with the images at the moment.

I haven’t done any of the fronticepiece or the back end of the book either. Although I did have a play on Canva with a Front Page.

Kindle Create (KC) & Kindle Previewer

I’ve downloaded a copy of the word file to Kindle create after taking out the Text boxes, it looks pretty ugly, very disjointed. You can do a lot of formatting in KC and at the end you get a file that you can upload onto Amazon Book Store. The question is, do I want to do a lot of my editing in KC and only have a polished product for the Amazon store?

I downloaded Kindle Previewer too, this will read word file , so may not need to do the Book in KC and so I’ll keep it in Word instead if I can.

Amazon promotion if you stay with them for 90 days.

To get the better payments, apparently 70% if under $10 and only 35% if above, then its best to let Amazon promote the book.

If Zoe’s stuff is going to start up then I’ll need to spend a lot of time on that. Maybe leaving it solely on Amazon for 3 months may not be a bad thing. They have the tools to help you do a lot of the work, so why not take the simple way at the beginning? Doing marketing on my own site & Udemy has got me nothing so far.

I have the main content in Word and can cut/paste Authors info and other stuff into Word later for reformatting, so maybe put a lot of effort into setting up the amazon book process as a first attempt.

A video I was just watching (below), suggested first book sell low to get interest. As I’m planning a 2nd book why not give it a try at the lower rates, if it doesn’t sell too well I can always reformat as ePub and other formats and try different sites.

Need to be clear going forward, make decision and do.

  1. At this time I want to be available for Zoe, if her project fires up. If its slow in starting then I can start developing the content of the next eBook,
  2. Even if its slow I can plan to write and format the 2nd book in a different manner to the first, so a different lot of learning.
  3. I’ve been on the book for a while, so I’d like to get it published, one way or another.
  4. The Amazon process seems to be clearly defined so that should be a simple process to follow, as far as trying to get it on their site & available. Then I can put a link on my website to advertise it.
  5. I can review this at a later date after I’ve done it and see if I should have taken a different path.

So, I’ll proceed down KC path at this time.


Productivity, Revit, Automate, Scripts???, Easy ???

Formatting in Word

I see you can submit a word document as an eBook, so I would prefer to do that than use Kindle Create. So Iooked up formatting in Word and came across this video:

This basically says start from scratch, cut/paste from Text editor and format from the beginning. I quite like the concept as you know its CLEAN to start, but a lot of work putting in all the links again. I think I’ll go down this track, but will have to get all

Also, I was having trouble thickening lines in Intense Quote to highlight/show code blocks and found that its better to create a new style and call it code. This is so I do not use Text box for code, got the idea from looking at ebook with code, Python for Kids, I liked his formatting

Also in format of style you can add

Kindlepreneur for changing text to HTML for description.

Uploaded for publication on Thursday 21 April 2022 at 7pm

Fiddle factor not withstanding I finally uploaded the book to be published at time above. Hurray Hurray.

Apparently it can take up to 72 hours before it appears on Amazon, but its been submitted. Account and Tax has been setup and its going to be sold for $9.99 US and royalties of 70% less delivery charges (if you have lots of images then it takes more ergs to download, and that is about $0.17c.

I reduced image sizes so that they would be correct size (max 450 pixels wide and something high) and I also use the word image compression to reduce the file size further, so overall smaller images. Although front book cover image, made in Canva was the preferred size of 1600×2560 px

I’ve been mainly messing around with all the other bits outside of the main manuscript to get all the other bits in there. Hopefully it will all work out.

I put a lot of code at the back and have most of my other scripts in there too.


I got an email in the night and only read it in the morning that the book had been published and is now on sale. Hurray Hurray. On typing Revit in Search bar for ebooks it is 4th out of about 273 books on the topic.

I think the description needs changing-it needs to grab attention more quickly.

I need to add a video to promote it. Use on of the existing ones. No I won’t, just found this item saying you need to have spent $50 in the lat year on Amazon:

So not using that method of promotion.

Downloads- as of 25th April

As of today, only downloads are my tests for eBook.

End comment

I’m glad I’ve published, I was getting a bit bored with the fiddle factor at the end. As a first attempt there was a lot of learning. One thing I was pleased about is a better understanding of Word and being able to throw a few Keyboard Shortcuts into it to speed things up, especially the links & images.

As a first time try I’m pleased with the results. About 17 days of work from woe to go. A lot of learning and writing. Next time I’ll do better.

I liked using the YouTube Shorts. They kept me from getting too verbose and focused me on the main point of the video as to what I wanted to show. I need to make them more polished.

I’ll start doing some roughs for book 2, but I think I may need more content, but I think I need to get current ideas down so I don’t loose the thread of the overall idea.