Personal Electricity Prices- Page 2

Further to my recent article on this topic, I’ve been keenly awaiting the update of the power bill from my last one.

Last weeks bill (I think from a week prior, consuming 66.94 kWh

And this weeks , consuming 63.12 kWh

Almost the same, although this weeks is slightly higher. A bit disappointing.

I’d changed my behaviour to using Late & Night Rates, which I thought would reduce the sums, but was concerned that I was leaving it on for longer, as I turned it off only when I got up in the night, and that varies. Although fortunately I remembered to do it each night. I do have an alarm backup for 6.45 am.

During the day, as I was doing the 12pm onwards, I could set an alarm so I only hated water for a couple of hours. This is not as accurate as at night unless I set an alarm and wake up to do it, which I don’t want to do. Maybe something to consider later.

So I’ve saved money from the behavioural change, although not as much as what I thought I would, but that is because prices have risen.

If I maintained my previous behaviour this weeks bill would have been 30.50$ so I’ve saved about $3 or 10%, so looking at it that way it is a good improvement.

The shortcode csv file doesn’t seem to want to load.

End comment

Not as big of a win as what I would have liked, but the bill would have been a bit higher if I’d maintained my original habit.

Overall power rates went up 13-15% (apart from Late) so thatโ€™s a big jump in a week.

If I can shift to night, or early morning, then there may be a savings there too. I do generally wake at around 4.30 to 5am maybe a plan is to have an alarm at 5 and one at 7 and heat water for 2 hours

I will need to monitor the bills a bit more carefully as it seems to be a bit of a moving feast at the moment.