Quick Cliq by Apathy Softworks first look- part 1

This is a productivity tool similar to QAP (Quick Access Popup) and you can trigger a pop-up menu with a hotkey or a mouse gesture. There is an editor where you can put a list of things like files/folders/URL’s etc , the nice thing is there is a little memo pop-up as well. I found this on the Windows Club website and itโ€™s a free tool.

Quick Cliq Hompage & Download by Apathy Softworks, what a cool name.

The editor (in the background) lets you add an item to the list and in the bottom area you can go and find what it is you want to link to. I chose a folder, so easy to set that up.

What I thought was a cool feature was the little feeback pop-up form that allows you to easily add a comment, I may think about adding that to PowerKey4Revit, its easy to access so may be useful for people to send feedback as its so handy. Maybe worth a consideration.

I think this is developed by a Frenchman too and I wondered if it was an earlier version of QAP, but it isn’t, different people (yes I did check). I also have a hotkey for its popup and you can have ones for specific things like just the memos.

This is the pop-up, I have it on Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Click, so QAP is Wheel Click so easy to access both.

The thing that intrigued me was the Memo’s , so I’ll add items to it and see how it goes.

One issue did note, when activated the pop-up it wouldn’t let me use my Greenshot Screenshot tool (Ctel+Shift+1) so ended up having to use the PrtScn button and crop the image after it going into Spartan clipboard and I had to paste it into a word document and then save to _Screenshots folder, open in Photo , crp and then save, a convoluted process. This is where a few too many productivity tools are in conflict with each other.

End Comment

Well, its installed and running, as is Spartan Clipboard, I think they both have some similar features but I want to try them both out and see if they fit in with my workflow. Both may be handy for the eBook I’m doing. Especially spartan.