Spartan Clipboard for Windows, finding, downloading and installing- part 1

This program’s website seems to be defunct. So I think its not on sale anymore. A shame as its a pretty smart & versatile program and has its own scripting language for some tasks.

It is basically a clipboard where you can save items for use later and do things with the items that you save. Below is the video channel where there are tutorial videos explaining its use. It is a bit like QAP but based around cutting/pasting and saving information.

Spartan YouTube Playlist

It seems that the author was diagnosed with cancer (see Facebook screenshot below) and so made the last version 22.10 a free version. After hunting the web I found a portable version V21.06 without evaluation counter and so I’ll be using that one as it does have the scripting language too. I think the portable version is just located in a different more accessible folder.

I found a couple of versions on a few websites, in one it commented it is now free but mine has a countdown from 300 and am at about 275 at the moment, so I think it will go down fast. There is a LITE version and a portable version too. I have installed the standard version.

One use that leaps out to me is in Revit pasting a lot of notes. You can store heaps and pull them in when you need them, will also work in schedules as well.

I found it on this site while looking for automation tools:

It didn’t have a download so I went to Sourceforge to get a copy and it only had a review of it

There is a free cutdown version called Freeclip or M8 Clipboard which has basically disabled most of the screen so only a small proportion can be used. Also no scripting language by the look of it. It say’s to buy but when following link there is no webpage. M8 Free Clipboard

On what I’ve seen so far I would consider buying the program as its pretty smart, but that option is not available.

CNet has a few pages for different versions but no downloadable ones. From Hippo I have version 21.1 and it says version 22.0 on Cnet

Searching the net, there is a Facebook page :

With wayback Machine I could only access the 2020 version download Jan 18 2020 Download version

So overall trying to find a non-trial version has been a bit of a trial. Fingers crossed the portable v 21.06 will run for more than a month.

Testing out

I had a tuelo email about talks and that always comes up with a form so I thought I’d try that out. It didn’t do all the stuff but it was fun to try it out.

I also did a backup from the Standard setup and Restored in the Portable setup and that went fine.

I’ve assigned Alt+V as the hotkey for opening it as my hotkeys for opening apps are getting pretty crowded.

End Comment

Its taken up more of my time than I wanted just to download and run a copy that hopefully wont shutdown after a trial period. The Facebook page infers it wont, but we’ll see

I am keen to get to grips with this, one thing is the sound it makes when it copies stuff, handy to know its doing it but it can be a little irritating.