Word & Keyboard Shortcuts, what a pleasure

I usually groan when I have to use Word. I find it too rich in features for what I need for writing and it is usually the default program in most offices. I struggle to use it as I get into all sorts of mess trying to do simple things like List numbering and a big scary thing for me is trying to auto number sections, a real dread.

Even for the simple things like inserting an image it has so many extra fiddly things as per word wrap etc and all the other issues around it.

For basically getting items, such as pictures, I have to go to ribbon and hunt around for the icon to then insert the image that I want.

I wondered about setting Keyboard Shortcuts for some of the items that I’m using as I’m trying to get a lot of information in a word document for an eBook.

Go into FILE>OPTIONS>Customize Ribbon and you’ll see the Keyboard Shortcuts button at the bottom.

I’ve made a couple up , Alt+R for Pictures, for loading images, Alt+H for Hyperlinks for linking for AutoHotKey Document information on commands & Alt+T for Text Box for box for code.

These are simple little things but make it a lot easier to use.

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I suppose, on reflection, that I would normally only do a short document in Word so as it is not a major tool I wouldn’t bother creating Keyboard Shortcuts as I wasn’t using it that frequently, but for a major task like this they come in handy.

As I’ve a method to do the simple things I want I may consider using the program more frequently and learning about more features in it.