Personal Electricity Prices- Page 1

I’ve been trying to keep the cost of electricity down by turning on/ff the hot water cylinder, which I see as something I have control of and does use quite a bit of electricity.

Your morning coffee, evening lights and cooking are things you do as a matter of course, and I’m not going to start having meals after 11pm to cut down on that. So some electricity use at specific times are not going to be adjusted, but others can.

When I first started looking at this the afternoon rates have been cheaper than the morning or evening rates and so I’ve been turning my HWC on then, but I’ve noticed that this has not been the case recently, in fact, its becoming the peak time and charges are reflecting this, so rather than saving I’ve been making my power bill more expensive.

So I took a few weeks worth of information and put then into a spreadsheet and it seems that with people working from home the most expensive time is now Afternoon rates, so its better to turn on water heater when going to bed. At late time onward, and when waking in the night to go to bathroom I should turn off after a couple or 3 hours if I remember.

Morning (7am to Noon) 11.785Afternoon (Noon to 5pm) 35.951Evening (5pm to 9pm) 8.522Late (9pm to 11pm) 1.551Night (11pm to 7am) 6.645difference Avo to Late centsdifference Avo to Night centsAverage over day
1$0.2028$0.2192$0.1854$0.1805$0.1731$0.0387$0.0461C 3.87C 4.61$0.19
2$0.1918$0.2037$0.1936$0.1846$0.1652$0.0191$0.0385C 1.91C 3.85$0.19
3$0.2114$0.2146$0.1930$0.1772$0.1429$0.0374$0.0717C 3.74C 7.17$0.19
4$0.1890$0.1820$0.1597$0.1772$0.1310$0.0048$0.0510C 0.48C 5.10$0.17
5$0.1811$0.2237$0.1488$0.1221$0.0621$0.1016$0.1616C 10.16C 16.16$0.15
6$0.1399$0.1830$0.1494$0.1341$0.0847$0.0489$0.0983C 4.89C 9.83$0.14
7$0.1985$0.2694$0.2354$0.2269$0.1690$0.0425$0.1004C 4.25C 10.04$0.22
8$0.1646$0.1773$0.1892$0.2015$0.1523-$0.0242$0.0250-C 2.42C 2.50$0.18

I tried asking Paua for spot prices but they never came back. So I looked on the Electricity website Electricity Spot Prices on EMI but that only shows to day after so not current, so can’t react beforehand.

Cutting/pasting out of a PDF is a bit of a pain, although not too arduous so I should get into the habit and add it to a spreadsheet

End comment

I have to start recording the electricity data a bit more effectively so that I can see when things change and adapt more quickly. So currently trying to get into habit of turning HWC on after 9pm.

I’ll see if there is any savings as its likely that hwc will be on for longer. Suck it and see.