Electric foldable bicycle

I had my car nicked for the 3rd time, this time my electric scooter was in the back and the insurance company will be paying out part of the cost of it. So I can consider purchasing another scooter or an alternative.

I was quite keen on the electric skateboards but they are quite expensive and I did think about electric bikes before but was looking at something I could hang off the back of the car with boot rack straps.

On reflection it was not very secure and so I started looking at foldable electric bikes, I think, with my current angina. This will allow me to do a bit of cycling with Jess, initially at Cobham drive, but I’d like other places to go too.

There are older or NZ made versions with rigid frames and I’m a bit conscious of my lower back pain issues. I found the scooter with the suspension pretty OK for the routes that I took. The new electric bikes seem to have some suspension and are around $2100 in NZ but lower power

Also a 500w motor minimum and I need to find out about Amp hours for batteries to see what is important.

Hill climbing and off road also important if I want to have Jess along as I want to be able to keep away from roads as much as possible.

I was looking for something to replace scooter.

The scooter was fun but not powerful enough to go up hills, so used it in limited areas where I could run Jess safely.

  • Be able to climb hills, especially from town to Mt Vic
  • So big motor over 500, maybe 1000w
  • off road so can have Jess and keep her safe
  • Fit in the car so I can take to beach or to Forest trails
  • Suspension front and back for my old body
  • thinking about more gears rather than fewer (some 7 gears, others 21 -28)

So a trial bike type bike that would handle the mud and tracks.

I also wanted to be able to put in car. This one weighs about 40kg ‘ish

As its coming into winter would not be too concerned if I had to wait a while to get delivery. as I would be getting more bang for the buck. So thinking of importing from China.

Ali Express link Fat Tyre one

A couple of videos I thought were useful:

Am waiting on some feedback from Zoe

Also spoked wheels or cast? I think spoke are easier to repair so see if I can get that.

Also non fat tyres might be better but with bigger motor maybe not as much traction?