Test.WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts Hack

I saw this video and the little bit that he showed for WordPress got me enthused into trying to setup stuff in AutoHotKey and in aText.

A few of the samples are below.

The one thing I find a nuicance in WordPress is headings and the popup for that with aText with z4, z3 for headers is great. It really speeds up my writing.

The AutoHotKey solution was not as good although I did set a few up.

I found that if I forgot it was easier to check on the Keyboard Shortcuts in aText than in my AutoHotKey email script, so I’ve mainly been using the aText tool.

There are a couple of examples below. I tried with header colours but in the end just prefer the headers plain.

They work very well with shortcodes as well. So I’ve setup ones for lists and other items.

Although with a lot of these things in WordPress you have to decide to use them before you use them, you can’t adjust too easily on the fly afterwards. Although with Headers you can just cut the text and then paste into the aText box and it’ll work fine.

Examples- not pretty

The rain in Spain, falls mainly  somewhere  in the plains

Shortcode heading
  • l1
  • l2
  • l3

the title is


this is a link to a site Link to secite


The Box
Think inside the box

End Comment

This has been successful as a simple productivity tool I use in websites as it speeds up irritating things that slowed me down when writing, specifically headers.

There are a few features that I added while building one of my sites that I’ve not used much since, but they are there if I want to use them in the future. Things like button URL links and concertinas

I’ve since got into using Obsidian for note taking which uses markup and maybe I should think about doing a similar thing for that too. That would speed up some of the commands for doing things like tick boxes. I’ll think about that.