400 Posts – (at 421)

I’ve just noticed that I’d gone through another milestone of 400 posts whilst sitting at 421 posts and 36 drafts. I think I had a mental image that I was being slower on writing posts as the 300 posts was a lot slower due to the other projects I was doing (Covid Blog & AutoHotKey projects) so this milestone snuck up on me.


I’ve been focusing a lot on automation, especially AutoHotKey scripts and I’ve been a lot better at trying to record what I’m doing at the beginning of the project rather than doing it retrospectively. Because of that I’m having 2 or more posts on the same topic as I usually reflect on my initial enthusiasm of the project and have to re-massage it into something functional, so a change in the middle and have to redo the original post.

I’ve also lost my original domain so had to shift my site to cr8ive.tk instead of Cr8ive.cf as I couldn’t pay by visa so lost that site. So my viewing visitors have dropped as the site is not where it was.

Also Google Analytics have upgraded and I haven’t been bothering to follow hat change so it caught me a bit by surprise that my analytics data was not correct. Generally I’ve been looking to cloudflare analytics just as an overview as I wasn’t doing much with the analytics info anyway. It’s all gone back to “0”.

I see there is a big part of the post list that have “Automation” as a category, as well as “AutoHotKey” so I’ve obviously been playing with that a lot. I think the “Time Capture” scripts and program for my Timesheet and “FileSaveLaunch” for annotation and remembering file names/locations were 2 projects that took up a bit of my time.

The other area of focus has been on text expanders and text correction programs, initially AutoCorrect, the LintaList then aText and exploring the potential of those tools.

Also the Stream Deck and the Desktop equivalent MaxLauncher, so more personal productivity tools.


The list of previous century milestones are indicated below.

  • 300-April 2020
  • 200-Feb 2019
  • 100-June 2018

Since its Feb 2022 this has been a lot slower, although if you go back 20 odd posts then it will most probably be November/ December 2021 for the 400 century of posts reached.

So maybe loosing my way a bit. Although I feel I’ve been pretty productive. The Video course for Revit productivity took a bit of time and the other projects were a bit more intense.

I can’t use the excuse of work as I have been doing little on Zoe’s project and no external work either. So a man of leisure.

I think I’ve reoriented myself to focusing on my interests. The OpenMaint stuff is still the most popular stuff on the site but I’ve moved over to desktop automation, a more personal rather than business oriented approach.

Revit Productivity Course & code

I have been looking to see if I can get something to generate some passive income, and it was only when I did the Revit Productivity Course that I found something semi-original. I just don’t seem to know how to move forward from here at the moment in creating a shareable program that others would use and pay for. There’s a bit of work, not only with the program but also setting up a website that people can purchase the app from.

I still have the Glideapp template and that did quite well, beyond my expectations and I get about 44.50 a month from someone purchasing the template. No success with putting more up as they were a bit simplistic. I’ve also sort of gone past the Glideapp webapps at the moment, I’ve explored a lot of the things that I have wanted to try out.

No external talks

With covid I haven’t been going to any talks so not too much external stimulus from others. I’ve been reflecting on that recently as the Python group is up and running again. I think since I sold the bike and got the scooter I haven’t used it in the way I’d intended to to go to talks. Maybe I have to make a bit more effort.

I’ve definitely got more mediums for outlet of ideas, the Covid Blog/Diary/Journal and the Video’s that I create as well as this blog.

I’ve also moved away from asset Capture & Management stuff, that does not seem to be going anywhere fast at all and I’ve moved on to some Revit stuff and a lot of Personal Productivity automation with Bookmarklets, AutoHotKey scripts, so making more tailored and bespoke programs that I can tinker with.

So in some ways becoming more focused and doing more simple processes rather than using databases and the cloud servers so that others had access to large datasets.

WordPress and shortcodes

Another current interest is trying to get shortcuts to WordPress, there are pretty limited Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress and so I’ve been playing with shortcode plugins to see if that will speed up some of the WordPress stuff I’m doing. They are working, to a point, and I’m enjoying using them.

Also using AUTOHOTKEY and code from code editor to write Headers (the shortcode headers are ugly), so now I can do H3 headers much more easily with a text code expander. I can now do all the other headers, that will speed things up a bit I hope. I may be able to other things with using this technique.

End comment

Where to from here? I suppose follow my interests until I find something else that fascinates me and head off in that direction.

I am finding the posts to be more personal, in that they are generally still explainers but they are focused on explaining my process to me, so that when I revisit a topic I can follow my chain of logic and why I went in a particular direction.

Also the tools are becoming more personal too. More focused on one user being more productive rather than trying to do more generalised tools. Hence AutoHotKeys. This is a step nearer to coding as instead of having a previously created app and trying to adjust it to suit a need, I’m now trying to see the program I want and build it myself. A bit more bespoke and I’ve had to stop some as they have ended up too involved and I found myself going in circles.

A lot of free apps look great, but I was drawn to them for a particular purpose and if they can’t fulfill that goal then I explain why its not the right tool for what I was trying to achieve. So when I revisit the tool and am captivated by it again I can see the reason why I didn’t follow it up in the first place.

I find I’m gathering a lot of tools to make me more productive, but then I’ve more time as I’m being efficient, but not necessarily effective. I also spend a lot of time trying to fix the conflict between using multiple productivity tools. Eg the hotkeys conflict with each other and you end up having something happen that you werenโ€™t expecting.

Just playing with a Countdown timer below

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