FreeFileSync for file/folder backup

I saw the following video and was interested in the FreeFileSync tool for syncing between my bedroom PC & main PC for AHK Working directory. I’m always updating them to the NAS so that I’ve got the most current files.

This has an appeal in that it doesn’t suddenly start doing a backup just when I’m really busy.

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In the past I’ve tried to sync oneDrive & GDrive but as they are happening in the background I find they slow the PC down and do things at inappropriate times and I feel I do not have any control over them.

They tend to be a bit irritating when I’m doing Revit stuff which is using the PC resources near the max and the syncing just slows everything down.

I don’t like leaving my PC on at night to allow for backup/sync to happen when I’m not using the PC.

Generally I’ve been a bit sloppy with backing up due to these issues so just copy a folder across when I need to. Not the best and it does leave me in a bit of a mess.

I’ve been doing a couple of things that make me think this could be a useful tool

A. AutoHotKey Coding in bedroom and main PC.

I started beginning to code on projects after sleeping , usually I have an idea to move things forward and want to test a part of the code. That works but then I go to the main PC and then I have to transfer the updated code across. I’ve now got a couple of Hotkeys that allow me to copy files to the NAS so that I can access the latest when I save from the Main to the NAS so I can work on the latest code in the morning in the bedroom.

I’m going to sync the directory across to the NAS each night so that I can do that on both PC’s so that they are both up to date

B. Revit project file

I’ve mainly been working on the main Microsoft Surface Book but that is starting to crap out now as the battery is swelling so the screen bulges and it doesn’t close properly. I’ve been trying to hunt down current work and its been a pain. Since I’ve moved onto the Microsoft Surface Pro I’ve spent a bit of time trying to find files and its been annoying, so having a mirror backup now to NAS is a convenient way of making sure there are a couple of places I can go looking for the latest files.

There are other folders that I do need some backup on, mainly accounts and Zoe Project Files so I can set those up as well.


YouTube playlist of vids for helping:

End comment

This is a handy tool, I can set it up to just run when I update something rather than on a time schedule that does not really work for me too well.

The proof will be in the pudding, I’m impressed with how simple it is to use and also its sophistication. Hopefully I’ll have my data backed up in a better manner than I have in the past.

I do sometimes forget to do when I want to work on the other PC so have to get up and run the backup on the other computer, generally though this works in very well with my workflow. Definitely a useful tool.