LightKey. Type less with this fast and accurate predictive text app

LightKey. I’ve tried this once before and didn’t get very far with it, but that doesn’t mean its not worth another crack. I was wrong.

A quick summery to date.

Pretty useless for general use, it has not done any predictive stuff for me so far and itt hasn’t done any autocorrect either.

I’ve turned off AHK autocorrect and aText , both have libraries but no difference. This is in Firefox, not chrome, so maybe Lightkey only works in the products specified, Word (which I don’t use too often) and Chrome stuff. So its too narrow a program to be that useful unless you use the products they specify, for me, a total fail.

I tried in Word, and STILL nothing, so there may be a specific amount of typing to do before it kicks in but obvious misspelling is not modified so I cannot see what this thing does. I rebooted computer, thinking something else may be interfering with it but since it doesn’t work I’ll remove it from all computers.


It is a big download, a small .exe file to run then a long download, maybe because it has a large library list of words.

I’m wondering if it will conflict with any of the other programs I have running.

It lets you do 1000 autocorrects a month in the free version, so I need to test that limit out, it doesn’t sound like too many.

There are a whole lot of programs that it seems to work in natively but not a great spread of common programs. See below:

So I’ve tried to trigger Lightkey anywhere and you need to press Alt+ Mouse Click in the program for it to work, but what do you do if no mouse, I think the trackpad works.

Another thing I found was that the paid version is only for one PC, but you are able to transfer the license to another computer, but $40 for a typing program for a year for one computer seems pretty expensive if you are just doing normal typing. Especially when aText is only $5/ year and can be put on 3 computers and you can build up your own library.

Maybe if you are a writer or someone who does a lot of writing (bulk typing) then maybe it is a valid tool and the price may be worth it, but I think the price is pretty steep.

So far I’ve seen nothing obvious that its doing, it hasn’t offered any predictive text in this article so far, so maybe its learning my style, but if it can’t auto install and perform then its not showing any value at all.

I’ve figured out how to use it in other programs. You press Alt mouse click and write inn pop-up box and it didn’t predict or correct a mizzspelliiing so I can’t figure what it is doing.

Another negative is that if you don’t press enter at the end it doesn’t put it into your program, so what you’ve written dissapears, so not very productive

Another thing is it is SLOW!!!!!!! in pasting the text into the field in the browser, this was something I found with AutoHotKey using send, it seems to be the same sort of speed instead of copy to clipboard & paste.

It also seems to put it somewhere where the cursor was previously and is pasting in in the wrong location, even though I’m creating new paragraph.

End comment

Its own press makes it out to be an amazing versatile tool but I had no experience of this. It seems to function in specific products and away from those products doesn’t work at all. So a bit of a waste of time for someone like me who tries to use a variety of programs.

They have a free version but if it doesn’t do anything then its not going to get a lot of takers.

So a lot of hype but very narrowly defined and expensive product. It has a massive download and install process and nothing! useful for me. Also expensive. So a quick uninstall should do the trick.