aText Premium Bash & Adding your own scripting programs – Confusing

While trying to run scripts in AutoHotKey I started to look into getting the Bash scripts to work. I’d got all the other inbuilt scripting programs to run the example scripts so I thought I’d look into that too, just in case it had some effect on the AutoHotKey running issue

Bash scripts in aText

To run Bash, which is a linux program I looked to the interwongle about installing on windows.

To install it I went through the process shown in this video, installing the Windows Sub-system for Linux:

After installing Ubantu on my PC the bash scripts ran. I’m not sure if I have a use for it but it was an exercise and I now have Ubantu running on my PC.

I did, in the past when playing with Raspberry Pi, install Ubantu, but in the end did not use it much, so I think it may not be of much use.

AutoHotKey in aText

I get this error message: The system cannot find the file specified and thought that this The system cannot find the file specified to the temp file in Appdata/local/tmp directory, but in fact it related to not finding the AutoHotKey executable file, even though the path was right.

I got a reply from Tran Ky Nam about the issue and he said put the path to the AutoHotKey executable in quotes. I did so and it worked fine.

The system cannot find the file specified reflected on this and reflected that I didn’t put the path in quotes because all of the other program exe files didn’t have quotes, so assumed the same.

After setting up the script configuation (filetype and path (with quotes)) and closing the configuration window (to save changes) it then baulked on : The directory name is invalid

This is in the specific script, I pointed it to a different directory and it didn’t like it at all.

Anyway, after that was fixed I have The directory name is invalid working inside aText now, so ‘m very pleased.

I’ve spent so much time trying to get it to work that I’ve forgotten what I wanted it for.

I have a few scripts for Revit so I may need to split them and run them in aText.

I’ve loaded aText onto 2 PC’s and only have the free version on a my Surface pro. I think I’m going to have to install the premium version on that as PC I’m running revit on at the moment.

Python 10 in aText

There is a Python program already on aText but it doesn’t seem to import libraries. So, as I’ve Python 3.10 installed on my PC I thought I would try hooking up to that to see if I could call libraries using that program instead.

I found the python 3.10 exe file and went to put the path “In quotes” in aText Script setp but it didn’t work. As soon as I took the quotes away it worked fine.

I just tried the script below which uses an import of Date library and it worked fine. So that is good.

from datetime import date

# Read the current date
current_date =

# Print the formatted date
print("Today is :%d-%d-%d" % (,current_date.month,current_date.year))

# Set the custom date
custom_date = date(2020, 12, 16)
print("The date is:",custom_date)

I got these small scripts from 30 python scripts examples.

Something strange is happening. If I switch over to the inbuilt python it runs these scripts too, so I think the are using some inbuilt modules. I need to test further by using pip to load a library and then test it.

End comment.

Worth trying new programs out with paths to their .exe files in quotes and without to see which works.

So thanks to Tran ky Nam responding to email I can now run AutoHotKey in aText and AutoHotKey test out on Revit program.

I can’t quite figure out what is going on but it works.

Just had issue with aText not autoexpanding for aText and AutoHotKey. I think its getting it from clipboard and I have win 10 clipboard with Win+V so multiple things on clipboard. One issue was aText had image attached and that was messy. Also type the abbreviation and I get a blank back. Its also weird with the letter I as it auto-corrects it .

The odd behaviour seems to only be in Firefox Blogs, specifically in WordPress, although I should test in Blogger too. Actually they all work fine in Blogger, so its WordPress that is acting up.

A bit of a pain as that is where I’m using a lot of my abbreviation/autoExpanding short texts.