AppGyver tutorials exploring data sources, airtables,, Firebase, Google Sheets (via & oData integration

I typed in tutorial for AppGyver and this one popped up. As Glideapps are looking to use Airtable as a backend, and I have an Airtable account I thought I’d give it a crack.

Creating Dataset in Airtables and calling it in AppGyver

It uses rest api calls to Airtable to get the information, so that is a useful tool to learn. On with the tutorial

A good tutorial, I was able to follow along pretty well, a couple of parts he was quite fast over but I got there.

I added a couple of columns later Like tickbox & Rating 1to 5. I was able to add these to the schema and so get access to the fields but couldn’t create a drag/drop item that would access the boolean one (like). Apparently images are a challenge too.

This was a tutorial on pulling data. You’d need to create a form to capture and update a field. I may investigate that later.

Todo list tutorial- trying to link- no success with, AppGyver Cloud Storage & On-Device Storage

I then tried the Todo list tutorial from James NoCode but ran into problems with the call. His video was pretty swift on the dB seup but I worked through and got that running, and when I did a get items request in the browser it worked fine, but when trying to test it in AppGyver it just said error. I couldn’t seem to fix that

I was considering trying to use that tutorial to update the Movies with airtable and would like to be able to add an item to the airtable list later.

I came across this todo list tutorial from AppGyver and it uses a different data source, an AppGyver cloud storage, but I don’t seem to have that resource on the free community version.

At the end I couldn’t get the connection to work with and the AppGyver cloud storage is not available on the free community version.

I also tried making an On Device Storage but that kept crashing, I’m not sure why. Maybe for a Web App it doesn’t like it. Something to investigate later

Google Sheets Link as Rest API

I wondered about linking to Google sheets, as that is where a lot of my GlideApps are pushing created data, so it would be interesting if I could link to that.

My initial explore was to use a Google cloud service with an API but that was getting painful trying to set up.

The next attempt was via the method in the video below:

This looked like a nice simple method, but when I tried it with the structure he suggests:

The video was recorded in March 2020 so that is superseded now and you have to use a different API and so I had to try and make a different Google account and that required a website and it ddidn’t like my website so it rejected allowing me an account.

I then saw this video that uses that allows you to link to a google sheet:

So I can now get to the api and I can generate a test inside AppGyver but I can’t get a single field out of the row of data ferom the spreadsheet. So I can get a row by putting /1 , /2 /3 (to get 2nd, 3rd, 4th) rows of data out but I can’t seem to get into the next part, so /1/2, or /1[1].1 or other variations, it just won’t return me anything.

[{"0":"Sht 3-GlideApps","1":"49","2":"48,227","3":"","4":"48,227","5":"0","6":"","7":"48,227","8":"60.08%"}]

I’ve been looking up JSON calls and of course its all in JS so that is code verbose. I just can’t seem to get the syntax right for accessing the data. As its all numbers that seems to make getting info more difficult.

I just keep on getting something similar to below:

detail“Wrong format for index: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘1[0]'”

So after wasting a few hours on this I’ll drop it for the time being. I’m not moving forward. It seems its picking the first sheet and giving me the row info but I can’t drill any further down. For another day.

FireStore ToDo list

The video below is for setting up Firestore as backend. You have to setup a connector for a web app and android app separately and an iOS app separately as well. I set it up like this but it didn’t work, so I went back to CodeRed videos that used a RestAPI setting for the firebase instead

The codeRed video playlist:

oData integration

Basic oData tutorial page to show how it works with TripPin data API. This is good for inside companies where you want people to access part of a general DB , only a few tables say, with a pre-setup API. So good for SAP & Microsoft and other corporate providers.

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AppGyver can wire up to different data sources but I haven’t seen a simple file save/write like AutoHotKey which is disappointing as if you just wanted to pull a bit of data quickly across or store locally then its not that great. But it is an app so I suppose its got to be accessible in a more general fashion, in which case the best for the simple so far is airtables.

Some of the Connections to data worked, others didn’t but overall a reasonable amount of options.

A shame I could only get the basic GSheet to work, I’ll have to think about that.

So there are a few options for Data connections but I need more confidence in connecting and doing basic CRUD operations with them. So more exercises on Data connections.

At the end of a couple of days playing with data sources and looking at a couple of ToDo app tutorials (a bit like “hello world”) I still don’t have a functioning todo app. The only one that actually works is pulling data from Airtable for movie App.

The more I play with AppGyver the more complicated it is. For a simple no code app glideapps wins hands down, but there is more power at the back of AppGyver but you have to spend a lot more time to set it up.

In respect to PWA’s and AppGyver I think they are both challenging. AppGyver for a “NO CODE” process is pretty complicated and you have to have a good understanding of the logic to get things working.

I like the overall reach of PWA’s and the idea of building once for all devices. With AppGyver you’ve got to build different interfaces for Tablets and Phones and web pages, so a lot more variations.

Overall a semi- successful bit of tutorialing.

End comment 2

This is a rich featured program but complicated. Why would you move away from glideapps to build an app like this?

I think maybe if you wanted to sell your app in a store then it might be worth getting into to create a serious app for free but there is a big, steep learning curve to it and you’d have to have pretty clear reasons for getting into it.

I think I’m hesitant to go further on this at the moment, the reason is maybe PWA’s are a better avenue. If I’m going to do complexity then what is the benefit of this over PWA’s? It hasn’t shown itself to be reliable so far, with initial start and now focus item not being accessible. Things that should work but don’t sort of make you uncomfortable. I’m sure there is a workaround for this (maybe a 3 column repeat element) but it means committing and diving down this rabbit hole. Ok, its “NO CODE” but I can code, to a point.

So do I want to learn this? If so, what do I get? At this point I’m not sure that this is a solution to an issue that I have.

I’m glad to have explored it and also reviewed the data connectors, but I see no immediate use for it at the moment.