AppGyver no/low code app so much potential but no deliverables so ureliable

I was revisiting no code apps and came across AppGyver which has a free platform that seems pretty open and also has a logic wire up process that seems different from other nocode app builders. If you get developer accounts you can put your apps up on iOS and google play , but apparently difficult setting up developer accounts.

Also apparently the same project can be pushed to android, iOS and web so that is interesting, and you can hook up to external data via API’s, which is also good as I’ve been meaning to explore API’s a bit more.

Backend is Firebase, so that is also good. A negative is that push notifications are not native to the app and have to be done outside the app. I’ll come to that later.

There is a set of videos here for beginners that I’m going to watch

Deploying for APK for Android

I am a bit hesitant in using the app if there is issues with deploying it. I initially thought that you couldn’t distribute it outside of Google Play but in fact you can. See this article. I was reviewing a few videos but I didn’t see anything about deploying.

I found this video, and it doesn’t look simple, you need to get jdk 15 setup and instructions :

So just getting a simple APK file is complicated, far more than with AppInventor, so there had better be some benefits

Deploying to WebApp

The basic deploy for a webapp should just be a generated URL. but that is not happening either.

Although the settings for the status of the service says everything is up and running

You can view your apps on mobile using 2 apps they have, SAP AppGyver Preview & SAP AppGyver Legend. Both allow you to open the apps through that interface to test it out, if its workable (one of apps has bugs and won’t open, it just freezes).

Another method is to use QR code and scan, this gives a URL that you can open, supposedly for that app but it opens up the above screen so you can choose which app you want to open.

Also , I’m getting a pop up about using Firefox and recommending that I use Chrome.

First Impressions & end comment

After a day of tinkering around with it, using the default screen with header & text (slightly edited) I have not been able to take anything away from the interface.

I can pop something up on my mobile screen if I use their app to view my files and I can do a bit of a web view from within the program. So you have to be in an app to use an app, this is Honeycode territory and I wasn’t impressed with that either.

Frankly, if its this damn difficult to create anything, and its buggy and the docs aren’t that great, then what is the point of delving into the program?

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, its not reliable and they don’t communicate with you when things don’t work.

I feel that I’ve wasted a day on an app that should have been impressive to use, but as I spent all my time just seeing if I could get some simple thing out the end, which I couldn’t.

I didn’t think it was worth the effort to explore the features that were offered. It would be a sandbox, you could play in it but not have anything tangible at the end. So waste time with no useful or practical results.

The apps within apps are OK for testing, but I want to see something solid that I can share with others.

Video on my experience with the program