Resetting Win 10 PC to sell

I’ve been wanting to buy a newer computer and realised that I have a couple on hand that I’m not using, so I thought I’d sell them on TradeMe to 1/ Get rid of them as they are cluttering up the place & 2/ Get a bit of cash so that I can put that towards a newer laptop. I’m looking at upgrading from my Microsoft Surface Book 1 i7 16Gig Ram to a Microsoft Surface Book 2 i7 16 Gig Ram, so just a newer model.

I’m used to the layout and its foibles but my one is starting to get a bit temperamental, so I thought I’d splash out.

So I needed to do a factory reset to get them back to a point where others can use them.

Here is a vid of the process, I’d actually followed another and at the end put my own account onto the laptop, which is not what I’d planned to do:

As I was doing 2 of them I could set them up to delete and reinstall from laptop rather than over wifi. They rtook a couple of hours to clean and reset.

I then went on the hunt for the specs of the PC’s so that I could make sure I was being clear on what was being sold. The issue is with the keyboards that I bought. With Surface Books the RAM is in the screen part & the GPU is in the keyboard. The top spec keyboard is 1705 model and I also had a 1704 model on the more tired book.

When I found the stats in the “System Information” drilling down the Components & Display it shows a NVIDIA GeForce GPU but it’s the mid-range one, not the top end one. So the i7 8gb RAM only has a 1Gb GPU, not the 2Gb that the i7 16 Gb has. So my replacement keyboard for my main Laptop was not up to the spec of my original Book.

Setting up Local Administrator

After setting up with a user account I found How Can You Restore Administrator Account In Windows 10 and followed the 3rd way enable Local Security Setting and that worked fine. When I rebooted I was given the option of using my account with password or the administrator account. I used the Admin account

Deleting my login account

I found a wiki article How to Delete User Accounts in Windows 10 and followed that to delete my other account so it only has the local admin account on it now.

This is how I’d received the PC’s when I got them so that there is no setup by new user, they can just open and use. They can put their own security in later.

So overall the process was pretty straightforward. I just need to get all the info on the PC’s from Screenshots for putting up on TradeMe then I can advertise.

I don’t think I’ll get the prices I bought them for but they met my need at the time

11/17/2020 $864.00nz laptops
11/26/2020 08:19$

Battery Usage

There are 2 batteries in a Microsoft Surface Book , Battery 1 (smaller) in the Tablet, & Battery 2 in the Keyboard. You can even generate a report on the state of the batteries to a HTML file that you can open in your browser. How to Check Your Laptop’s Battery Health in Windows 10 by using powershell.

End comment

One up on TradeMe and we’ll see if that sells.

Monday 15 November 2021 . Both PC’s up on Trade me about 3 times now but no takers. Either price too high or not useful for Win 11 upgrade, so not selling at the moment. Its not costing me much to advertise so I’ll persevere for the time being.