AHK for File directory structure and creation

I came across Alexander Behne’s video “Speed Up Your Workflow with Code! | AutoHotKey for Video Editors” and was really impressed by the setup and access to the folders, in some way this is a more personalised workflow than Quick Access Popup but I still feel the method is a good way to setup and use file directories for specific projects, especially if you are doing repetitive projects :

A couple of things were “OH, that’s interesting” were:

Ctrl + Shift + N

In File Explorer Ctrl + Shift + N = New Folder shortcut key. I never knew that one, so that’s a helpful way of creating a new folder quickly.

Using a function for the script (12 minutes into video)

The process where he converts the hotkey into a function is a good learning tool. I need to think about reshaping some of my scripts to use this method. His example of adding the sleep at the end shows how one line can speed up coding as all the directories call the same function. Interesting and well worth remembering. I may have to add this, or some adaptation of this to my AHK command picker menu, as I can see it being handy in the future.

Accessing the project directories

I like QAP for projects but I also like the fact that you can assign a specific hotkey to access specific

Bubble Script for project structure

I like the outline method he used for projects using bubble maps. I’ll have to think about using them myself. (link video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj51kSjMe74)

Opening folder and sub-folders of project

Other videos referenced

This video referenced has a lot of info on AHK & PP on video editing scripts & a reference to File Explorer too and references in text description below:

There is also one reference from the video above to keyboard mappings to 2nd keyboard too.

End comment

I found the video very interesting and I’ll have to think about file structures for future projects. I will need to write a script and add it to my AHK command Picker. A shame he did not leave the code , I’ll need to write it out longhand.