Starting Patreon

I’ve been musing about what to do with my site and I thought of John Kirkwood, a retired cook, who went onto Patreon. I like his videos and I think he has a good following, so I wish him well with it.

I then reflected that I’ve created over 100 videos and maybe that is a base on which to start looking at patrons to support me in what I like doing. So I have a patreon page.

I think my videos stand out a bit in the area that I post, in that I try and solve a specific problem and get a completed product, whereas a lot of videos either focus on a part of the issue or gloss over the difficult bits, so when a novice tries to do something similar they run into all the issues that are not mentioned.

So, I watched a few YouTube vids by others and decided to start my own Patreon page.

It has taken a day to set up images and get some of the features that I want up on the site.

  • Images for heading- Gimp & Canva
  • Logo – with Gimp
  • Images for tiers
  • Developing starter/earlybird tiers
  • Doing a first post , which in fact is a poll, I intend to write a couple more, but for the present that will suffice
  • Setting up the plugin for wordpress- This is something I can offer the higher tier, a more in-depth detail of the video with marked up screenshots and other information/links that are only available to specific people.

I’ve now got to do some other configuration and add some videos and do some marketing to move people to a point where they can hopefully contribute to the creation of content.

Honeycode has just started up and this is a great opportunity to do some video’s on that platform. It may be in demand, so I have the opportunity to create some useful tutorials for it.

Some concerns

I will need to start tailoring my content to what the patrons want to see, so there needs to be a focus on that.

Whilst doing that I think I will still do some stuff that interests me and I’ll need to make sure that I can do that.

Also, creating quality content is important. I do not want to be driven to producing something just because I feel I need to deliver up something on a schedule.

I need to start being a bit vaguer in the videos and giving a more useful content in the supplementary information for the patrons. Not something I’ve done to date.

I need to refocus on not only doing the video but also building supplementary information at the same time. In some ways, this is what I’m already doing, but I need to review both sides so that I allow for value for the patrons and encourage non-patrons to join. I have set the entry bar low at the moment so its cheap to join, but I’ll need topush that up and see how it goes.

A new adventure. Quite exciting

End comment

At the end of the day only a couple of people contributed to the patreon model for my channel so I didn’t bother taking it too far. The app for the website didn’t work well in WordPress and people had problems with it. The help from Patreon was pretty useless too.

I tried putting my OpenMaint stuff behind a firewall and one chap couldn’t access it so I ended up just opening it up again.

So all in all, I did an explore, a bit like LinkedIn, but found it had nothing to offer me and my style of producing info.

A lot of effort for microscopic payback, with not very good support on the issue I took to Patreon.