Visual Studio CODE, Live Server Extension & web page building

This is definitely worth my time. Up until now I’ve been using Notepad++ to do my code editing, and after adding code, I have to save file, go across to browser and refresh page to see the updates, so I’m constantly jumping between programmes. Quite distracting.

The video below shows you how the Live Server extension works within VS Code:

I was finding it buggy at the beginning so rebooted after installing VS Code, it seems to work fine. After you have code on the page you right clickin the code area and choose “Open with Live Server” which then opens a tab in the browser running a local server instance.

So a good way to quickly see updates rendered, especially when you have screen split between code and browser as per image above.

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I’m still getting the hang of VS Code. One thing I do like is the emmet code that does an autocomplete if you are using HTML tags, so if you write <p> it will automaticlly create the closing tag </p> for you. That speeds things up. For some code editors you need to add emmet on as an add-in but its inbuilt inside VS Code.

It doesn’t make my code writing any better, but quicker to follow errors.

I did a video on my map development and using VS Code here: