Tutorial: Get started with Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core

After playing with Azure I was in the MS(Microsoft) headspace and while browsing the net I came across a website with a .asp extension, so I thought i’d look at building a website with ASP.NET Core.
So after figuring out the difference between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core, core being the updated method which is cross platform whereas Net is only for windows. I thought I’d have a go at the tutorial for building a “SIMPLE” webpage. Then I came across MVC ( Model, Controller, View) for web sites. A bit complicated, although I had come across the concept with PHP CodeIgniter, and I didn’t fare too well then, I was using CRUD processes for displaying data in a web page.
So I’m doing a basic tutorial with a Razor Page setup (that then Builds Model and I presume a Controller) which is for a Movie DataBase webpage build, so I thought I’d follow that.
The link to the tutoriasl is HERE.

After updating VS from 16.3.10 to 16.4.2 the web .NetCore template had a bug and wouldn’t let me proceed. I just kept on getting error logs. It took me a while to figure out how to drop the templates (via the VS installer – untick all the boxes) and re-install the templates. It would not make a Scaffold (I think that creates an SQLite DB and links to it). So a few wasted hours re-setting up VS to get it running again. So back on track of page 2 of the tutorial.

I worked on with the tutorial and finally got it working. So have now got a CRUD with lightweight database for films. There were a couple of gotcha’s in the tutorial, the erros showed up and I finally figured out what to do. Not a well written tutorial for beginners, I think there was a presumption regarding the familiarity of student with C# and Vis Studio. Anyway, I follwed through and got it running.

Frankly this is a bloody hard method to get a page up with a database behind. Just as much a pain as CodeIgniter.This environment is pretty confusing.

I sort of fumbled through the tutorial. Still there was a bit of learning there, but not too much

Transfer to Website

I’d like to take the page, which runs on my localhost and put it across on my windows server which is running windows. That doesn’t seem too obvious . I did a build for a RELEASE, on ANY CPU with IIS Express but there is no HTML page to put up on a website, so still a bit of learning to do.