Google Sheets “GOOGLEFINANCE()” for free Stock data

I came across this YouTube video that I thought was quite enlightening “5 Things You Can do in Sheets That You Can’t Do in Excel”:

I was rather intrigued by it and decided to look into some of the functions more deeply. So far I have only played with the GOOGLEFINANCE() function and SPARKLINE()

My results so far, adapting them to the NZ Sharemarket are as per screenshot below:

This isdidn’t take me too much effort once I watched this other YouTube video about getting a spreadsheet to reflect the old Google Finance data before it was changed, using the new features to make a spreadsheet to demonstrate setting up the original view.

The beginning examples of what he is doing is really great. Some of the later stuff goes over my head. I used his examples to test out on the NZ Stock Exchange data.

The other very nice thing about the above video is that he lets you download his template. What a lovely man. Thank you for sharing.

I have used postman and Python in the past to try and grab stock data from an API but neither were as easy as this. Also I think trying to hook into the NZX api its a paid service.

In my spreadsheet above I took all the GOOGLEFINANCE() variables  (Use help file on the function and it will list them all in google sheets) and tested them out on the NZX, most worked, some didn’t.

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As I’m totally clueless on the Stock Exchange I’d need to do a bit more research on it to see what data I could elicit that would be useful.

I found accessing the data very easy and I will do some more research on this data.

The GOOGLETRANSLATE() looks fun, not sure where I’d use that apart from the RSS feeds

Another interesting one that I may explore in another post is the IMPORTFEED() function. I am keen on feeds and wouldn’t mind seeing if I can set up a more tailored feed for my interest.

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