OpenMAINT 1- Asset Data Modify Condition Lookup List

After setting up the basic installation of openMAINT, I now want to look at  how to configure it to the way I want.

Condition of Assets

The first thing that bothered me was the condition levels and where they are applied. I noticed on the demo that the buildings had a condition on them. This was put in at building level as a line item, not extrapolated from all the assets within the building. I am not sure that it has any meaning at this level apart from an overview if you had a multitude of buildings.

The condition rankings of openMAINT OOTB (out of the box) is Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor. 4 ranks.

They don’t seem to be described anywhere, also if you exported data with condition to an excel file and tried to sort by condition Ascending or Decending, they would not sort in the condition ranking.

I would like them to do so as I could then use the heatmaps to sort by criteria of importance.

So I would first change the ranking to a numeric ranking, at this time, I would use the SPM ranking that I have been using at WCC. This goes :

C1 (above 50%, coloured BLUE)

C2 (between 33% and 50%,coloured GREEN)

C3 (between 25% and 33%,coloured YELLOW)

C4 (between 10% and 25%,coloured ORANGEGREEN)

C5 (between 1 and 3 years left ,  coloured RED)

So how is this changed in OpenMAINT?

First, there are 2 panels for superuser in OpenMAINT,

1. the Administration Panel

2. The Data Management Module

To change between the 2 interfaces click on the ADMINISTRATOR MODULE/DATA MANAGEMENT MODULE text and this takes you to the other interface.

To make it easy to switch between them its best to have 2 tabs open in your browser, each pointing to the different modules.

To alter the lookup for condition we look in the Lookup Concertina Tab in the LH panel of the Data Management Module.

Click on InventoryItem- Condition and it brings up the Area on the right that can be edited.

Make the changes that you want. Note. As there was already information linked to the existing condition ratings I altered Excellent & modified that to Condition 1, so that anything with Excellent will now display Condition 1. And edited the others accordingly and added a new one for one of them ( original had 4 conditions, new has 5).

Now if you go into the Administration panel and Click on the Utility Tab in the LH column, select class: Building, Change seperator to “comma” (so in CSV file each item is in a different column (if you leave the semicolon default it all gets squished into 1 column when exported to CSV file.

After exporting to CSV

Now, instead of  displaying the Description of the condition with the writing as extra, we could just display the Code, but this would not be as informative, we could display both and filter by the code, but with only so much screen space for each asset in the tables the Description is adequate at this time.

Other items I want to explore:

  1. Where do all the bits of the building go?
  2. The Complex/Building/Level/Unit/Room hierarchy work inside the building, but what happens to Doors/Windows and external walls and roofs?
  3. Can I have an http link to external map (my google map information) and also drawings held on the building at different levels, see Room Data Sheets.
  4. The Maintenance Manual looks really exciting and I am looking forward to exploring this in relation to services items, Warrants of Fitness and scheduled maintenance.

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