OpenMAINT Open Source Facilities Management Programme Overview

Video (17.21Min)

This is my quick overview of OpenMAINT.

It is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management; an application for the management of buildings, installations, movable assets and related maintenance activities.

It is build on the IT (Information Technology (Computer Management)) programme CMD Build and modified to use for Property Management.

On the main page (see link above) if you scroll down you will see links to a lot of different items such as Demo’s, Downloads & Documentation.

Also on YouTube there are some Video demonstrations of its functionality.

I have found the supporting documentation poor and sometimes misleading for setting it up.

I have written some posts on my setup process where I have set it up on my  Windows OS computer, using Tomcat Server, also on a Remote Windows Server. I have shown the steps for setting up in both circumstances.

See OpenMAINT Setup  for setup & OpenMAINT Configuration for setting up OpenMAINT for some of my preferred configuration options.

I have also written some posts on how to setup a Free Remote Server (for a year) with Amazon Web Service (AWS). The EC2 instance is shown on this Post & this Post.

Beware, if you are going further than just using it for Asset Management Inventory there are a few challenges & it is very time consuming. See this post.

Good luck with the process if you choose to proceed.



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